Enter the Easter Zone

Tales From the Kremey Zone Season 2 - Easter Episode by Kris P. Kreme

Tales From the Kremey Zone Season 2 – Easter Episode by Kris P. Kreme

A pair of longtime church friends collecting for the needy at a downtown street festival are about to find that Easter this year will send them down into the pit of pleasure and sin like never before.

April and Tony have always been close, and more than a few times they have done what they do this year, using some funds from the church to purchase bargain goods that will be delivered after Easter to the needy.

But when Tony finds a pair of bunny ears and kids around, ultimately putting them on, those ears may let him hear every dirty thought even April may not have been aware she had. It’s a brand SPANKING new Tales from the Kremey Zone, just in time for Easter!


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The show too twisted to exist on any television brings you Easter greetings in the form of a brand new special episode. One never knows when they might step off the path of reality into a depraved and perverse realm known as the Kremey Zone. For longtime friends and dedicated church volunteers April and Tony, their fate will begin at a downtown street vendor festival, where everything is for sale and they might just be finding themselves sold into Evil.

April is trying to take seriously the reason for the two of them being at the street vendor, browsing through seemingly endless junk, nothing that the church could use for their collections for the needy and poor. It’s something they’ve volunteered for before, go to these festivals where anything and everything can be sold and use a bit of the mission budget to buy up some bargains to then pass along to the needy. But today she’s just amused and bothered by the simple fact Tony practically dressed identical to her.

As Tony points out, they were told to where something basically the same, t-shirt and jeans. The fact they happened to wear the same color of both is a coincidence. But April feels like people are staring, and as long as they’ve been friends, Tony knows April never likes people staring. She’s a good girl, has always done good things, but so far this has been a frustrating search through nothing that seems a good buy for the church charity.

Tony has always been a friend, the two of them growing up together, a big brother who drones on as they keep looking through clothes at the crowded street market. He talks about Dana Delenzo, the one thing he does take seriously… not that he’s spoken practically three words to her all semester.

But all idle chat stops when Tony finds something his always playful sense of humor sees some fun potential in. He shows April the pair of fuzzy pink and white bunny ears he found buried in the pile of unsorted items. While they are definitely collecting for an after Easter delivery to the local homeless, somehow bunny ears isn’t exactly what they should be looking for.

But Tony is too much a kidder, and wants April to try them on, pointing out they’d at least no longer look the same. Looking at the mystery ears, April finds a label which only makes them that much weirder. Apparently they are called The Evil Ears of Easter.

Joking about some company named Evil making various holiday costume apparel, April definitely isn’t about to try the ears on, no matter how funny Tony claims the picture of her he could take would be, talking about the Easter Egg hunt they are essentially on for the church charity.

But when Tony himself puts the ears on for a gag, something very very wrong will happen. Beyond the unusual color overtaking his eyes, and beyond the shock and gasping expression, there is more… and it might be nothing short of true evil.

Tony’s voice changes, and before April even realizes what has happened he has slapped her hard on the ass. In all their years of platonic friendship, of a sibling like relationship, as joking as Tony is, he’d never spank her. But as he keeps right on spanking her right there for all in the crowded street vendor festival to see, Tony tells her that he can hear her dirty thoughts, desires she never told anyone.

Just where have these Evil Ears of Easter come from and what gives them the ability to not just change someone but corrupt them? The answer to all questions might be the same, an answer in the form of The Kremey Zone.


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