Apr 09 2020

Nurse Krissy has your first dose

Nurse Krissy's Stimulating Stimulus Package - Dose One by Kris P. Kreme

Nurse Krissy’s Stimulating Stimulus Package – Dose One by Kris P. Kreme

The world’s in chaos, doctors and nurses on the front line of a battle that will exhaust everyone. But not as much as Nurse Krissy exhausts her patients, leaving them smiling despite the pandemic currently stressing them out.

Doctor Kreme has worked his wing of the hospital alongside Nurse Krissy for years and no matter her looks, she’s the most intelligent nurse around, willing to do anything to treat her patients. But what’s a girl to do when there’s more patients than she has… options to heal.

Those waiting need a heavy dose of Kreme, over 50,000 words, to keep their minds distracted, and these five specially chosen tales are sure to start the road to recovery, thanks to Nurse Krissy.

This collection includes:

The Doggy Days of Summer: Inspired by her body and dedicated to keeping her to himself, Dave uses Courtney’s gullibility against her, making up a story about The Doggy Days of Summer, days the sun is very deadly for Courtney. Gullibility is powerful these days, but not as powerful as The Doggy Days of Summer.

A Breakdown in Fertile Fields: A breakdown of a bus diverted onto the seldom traveled Fertile Fields bypass is about to leave everyone on board trapped in a town where the laws of reality frequently break down. As Riley Sloane journeys onward and upward to a mysterious mountain inexplicably located within the city limits of Fertile Fields, his trip is diverted to a small power substation where the truth begins to appear.

Booking Brooke: Shy, bookish Brooke finds her desires shifting far from simply reading a book when one falls from a high shelf in the library, smacking her in the skull. She suddenly needs to live out that book, to embrace the story in ways far more intimate, and that particular book just happened to be the Kamasutra. Now Brooke will discover just what it’s like to be inside the book.

Mark Up Marie: Marie never liked being among the crowd, never the focus of attention. Her roommate Paula nowhere in sight, and needing to focus on some overlooked work for a very important class, Marie links her computer to Paula’s, unaware that programmed pop-up ads already did the poor girl in and now will do far more to her.

Busted: Samantha Jeffries simply wanted a night out with her boyfriend, a night to go sit under falling stars. What begins as romance ends in anything but.. Sneaking out, an eighteen year old girl always has to watch out for her overprotective father. What Samantha didn’t watch out for was the chemicals in his basement lab. Now she finds new meaning to the term Busted when things quickly get out of hand.


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