Apr 19 2020

She’s really a doll when she’s asleep

Trance-tory Sleep Solutions by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Sleep Solutions by Kris P. Kreme

Jeff’s wife Jenny is hot, her exotic Asian heritage appreciated by his friends. But lately she isn’t getting hardly any sleep at all.

After dealing with sleep loss for over a month, Jenny goes to the pharmacy and returns with Trance-tory Sleep Solutions, so new to the market they aren’t even sold yet. They guarantee eight hours a night.

Jeff is glad until he finds Jenny with shiny fake looking skin and a freakishly lifeless look in her open eyes. The operator for Trance-tory assures him it’s a common side effect.

Jeff soon realizes he has more than a hot wife, he has one that becomes a very hot sex doll each night. The only question is how will this forever change their marriage?


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While Jeff has never been the most outgoing and generally only has a few close guy friends, everyone can agree he married exceptionally well. His wife Jenny is the most beautiful Asian woman most his friends have seen, and they aren’t shy like he is, so definitely tend to point it out. But lately Jenny has a real problem that is beginning to wear on any intimacy in their marriage. Jenny just can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Jenny is determined to figure out a solution and so she leaves for the pharmacy with angry tired eyes, not planning on leaving until she has whatever the most powerful sleep aid they have, something guaranteeing her eight hours a night.

Later when Jeff comes home after finishing a work project which will leave him home with nothing to do for a week, he’s happy to see that Jenny seems much less scary in her angry frustration. As she puts it the pharmacy saw the look in her eyes, a look he knows well, and they sold her something that technically is so new to the market, they weren’t even supposed to sell it.

It’s called Trance-tory Sleep Solutions, and right there on the box it guarantees eight hours of the most restful sleep possible. Even better the box assures them both it is an all natural blend of herbs and chemicals that will knock her out like narcotics but without the risks.

Figuring there’s certainly no arguing with a wife who is nearly a month past due for a good night’s sleep, Jeff goes to get ready for bed himself. Yet when he comes back to the bedroom, not only has Jenny completely gone silent, the Sleep Solution pills seeming to fully live up to their claims, but she looks shockingly still, and didn’t even make it under the covers, just laying there on her side on the bed.

It’s when he flips on the bathroom light and that light happens to shine into the bedroom, that Jeff truly freaks out. Something is very clearly wrong with Jenny. She’s staring blankly, eyes wide open, mouth wide open as well, and her skin seems to have taken on a very distinct sheen to it, her lips puffier and redder than normal, her whole body as still as ever.

When he checks her, there’s barely any sign she is even breathing and Jeff immediately rushes to the box of Trance-tory Sleep Solutions, calling the number he finds there.

Despite how serious it all looks to Jeff, the woman on the help line assures Jeff that his wife is absolutely fine. Trance-tory guarantees eight hours of rest, and so she will not wake until those eight hours are up no matter what. Further, from what he describes, the woman is certain Jenny is just suffering a very typical but harmless side effect Trance-tory has taken to calling dollification.

As impossible as it all seems, Jeff’s wife Jenny seems to have essentially turned into a sex doll.

All through the night, Jeff can hardly sleep or get any of his own rest, staring, concerned, worried. But when eight hours has passed and suddenly the plastic artificial sheen leaves Jenny’s body, her eyes blinking back to normal as she wakes from the most restful sleep she has had in forever, everything starts to calm.

While getting the sleep definitely has helped Jenny look her best, Jeff can’t get over the fact that each night she is using a sleeping aid that pretty much leaves her a sex doll right there on his bed. And where her changes might be the same each night, it’s Jeff’s changes in how he reacts that might forever alter their loving marriage.

Just what will happen when Jeff can’t resist touching the sex doll Jenny has become… when he can’t resist playing with that doll… using that doll… and when he discovers that while a doll Jenny can be inflated, deflated, and altered in all sorts of very kinky ways? Jeff was always a shy guy with a hot wife… and for as long as she was having trouble sleeping, he was having trouble in the bedroom, but now there may just be an answer to both troubles… all in the form of Trance-tory Sleep Solutions.

While Jenny gets eight hours out… Jeff and who knows who else might get eight hours in… her.


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