Feb 17 2020

Season Two of the Kremey Zone is twisted

Tales From the Kremey Zone Season 2 Episode 1 - Match Maker by Kris P. Kreme

Tales From the Kremey Zone Season 2 Episode 1 – Match Maker by Kris P. Kreme

A place outside the limitations of time and space where reality is warped and everything you understand is turned on its end… where the Kreme melts minds and bodies. Your host The Kreme Keeper is back for Season Two.

An obnoxiously arrogant womanizing dick of a guy has found plenty of success sucking in powerful clients for his company. But when he breaks the heart of the CEO’s daughter, will the old man find a way of breaking something much more delicate… Daniel Dennon’s ego?

He always wanted a slutty bimbo who did anything for a good time, but in Tales from the Kremey Zone, getting what you want just might mean losing everything you are.


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Season One of Tales from the Kremey Zone took readers into otherwise mundane tales of daily life turned upside down, random happenings that happened to change everything. But Season Two will twist twisted into a knot like never before. No one is safe from finding themselves a bimbo, and everyone’s minds will be blown.

The Kreme Keeper presents Season Two Episode One of the series that your televisions simply can’t handle, and your minds may not be much better off. Daniel Dennon was a man’s man, the D man as he called himself, but in all his success, in all his arrogance and womanizing ways, the D man might have finally met his match… and she’s a lot closer than he ever thought.

A rep for Striker Enterprises, Daniel Dennon brings in big clients and charms them, schemes them, and suckers them into big contracts worth far more than the cost of putting up with his attitude. As he is quite fond of saying, he makes the world his bitch.

But after a bad breakup with the CEO’s daughter, is Daniel Dennon’s job in jeopardy, or is something much more important to him going to be changing? As Daniel assures one of his oldest coworkers and friends, Grant, the old man can’t afford to lose an asset like him. He even charmed the old guy into feeling so guilty he set Daniel up with a fancy high tech place called Match Maker.

According to a very poorly written guarantee Match Maker absolutely promises that your first match will be everything you want in a woman, or they give one thousand dollars cash back. It’s easy money for Daniel who plans to make his already picky demands in a woman so extreme that they couldn’t possibly make him the match.

How could Daniel Dennon ever suspect that Match Maker is a seriously powerful place, rooted deeply in… The Kremey Zone?


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