Jun 20 2019

The Kremey Zone returns…

Tales from the Kremey Zone Episode 2 by Kris P. Kreme

Tales from the Kremey Zone Episode 2 by Kris P. Kreme

The Kreme Keeper finally breaks his silence of twisted torrid tales where the boundaries of reality and reason forever break down affecting the most unsuspecting individuals.

Molly hates her husband Harris’ idea of a road trip vacation, the stuffy hot car certainly not putting her in the mood. But will some very special Animal Crackers feed more than her hangry attitude at an out of the way backwoods convenience store?

And what about Celleste; can anything make her day better? After simply planning to walk the dog, a missing collar sent her on a quest to a nearby dollar store to replace it. But when she tries on the collar herself, she may find her day truly going to the dogs.


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A new television series has taken over the air waves with new episodes each and every month. but you won’t find this show on any channel, only played out in the depths of your imagination again and again until you just can’t take any more. Witness what happens when the delicate balance of reality and logic is shattered at the most unexpected of times and those who are forever trapped inside… The Kremey Zone. These are those tales, paired up per episode, where anything can happen to anyone for no reason at all.

Tales from the Kremey Zone Episode 2 picks up with an unhappy couple, Harris and Molly. Molly has a distinctly less enthusiastic reaction to Harris’ planned vacation of traveling the open country by car, and the trip hasn’t been going any better than her negative thoughts of it from the moment Harris suggested it.

Having traveled all day, the couple has finally found a place that might offer what Harris thinks will take the angry edge off Molly, a rather rural backwoods looking brick building labeled with a cheap plywood sign reading CUNVENYENT STORE. It isn’t important that the place is in the middle of nowhere, only that it promises food, some sort of snack to get rid of the hangry attitude Molly is carrying.

Always a bit of an uptight girl who never liked getting back to nature, the beautiful long dark hair of Molly flows along her expensive black and white pattern blouse. But as of yet the vacation has done nothing to bring her around to her husband’s way of seeing things… certainly nothing to put her in the mood. Yet Harris, as bothered as he is by the hot stuffy car with her constant complaining is keeping positive, especially when they find a lonely box of Animal Crackers in the small convenience store.

But just what is it about these off brand Animal shaped cookies that will forever change their marriage? And what connection does this backwoods store have to signs they saw on the road for Sal’s Sideshow Family Farm with attractions like Gertrude the Goat Girl?

Molly and Harris may never realize it, but their vacation by car has just taken them into The Kremey Zone.

Also in Episode 2, go with Celleste who’s having a very unfortunate day, as she takes a trip to her own inconvenient store… the dollar store near her home.

The family dog has never been much more than a nuisance to Celleste. The morning began with a simple task gone horribly awry… take the dog for a walk. Of course somehow the dog has proven many times to be an escape artist when it comes to collars and without a collar the leash certainly doesn’t work.

After looking everywhere at home for the collar, Celleste has given up, figuring she can just buy the damn dog a new one at the dollar store, and get her mother off her back about walking it.

It’s a store she has seldom visited, and of all the annoyances the signs proclaim this Dollar Deals Day, where literally every marked item on the shelves is just one dollar. So there’s a crowd in the little store, and to add insult to her already sullen mood, the amount of creepy looks she is getting is very annoying.

Celleste had intended only to go out walking in her neighborhood, and on a hot summer day like this she’d naturally worn as little as possible, a tank top and breezy silk skirt halfway to her knees.

Searching forever in the mess the crowd has left of pet supplies, she finally finds one single dog collar… but is this collar too big? Will the damn dog just slip it right off?

Celleste only makes her day worse when she figures the only way to see how secure it feels is to put it on. Yet the collar proves a bit too secure, and suddenly she finds herself more than just stared at.

Are the overzealous guys really all enthused over the dog collar Celleste unfortunately chose to try on, or do these two have something else entirely on their shopping list? Is the collar really an anti-bark collar and that’s what keeps Celleste from voicing her imminent concerns? Or has she merely discovered a misplaced product sold exclusively in… The Kremey Zone?

Stay tuned readers for your favorite new show, and perhaps one day you yourself may find yourself starring in Tales from the Kremey Zone.


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