Jun 12 2019

SINtendo gets very mobile

SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR by Kris P. Kreme

Tom handled his dad leaving forever better than his girlfriend Stella leaving for just a summer internship.

Usually a physical couple the distance is hurting his ability to focus. Gaming hasn’t helped but it might when a gamer sends him a link to a trial game called Pocket Pussy VR.

Supposedly it uses advanced VR to let the player feel everything as they fuck anyone they have in their phone contact photos. When it works with his girlfriend Stella, she feels everything, so Tom decides to have more fun at her expense.

But taking a call from his stepmother Nicole before playing, he never notices the game has synchronized with her body instead. Just who will ultimately win this game?


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Over 11,000 words of Kreme!

One might think life was rough for Tom when his dad left his second wife Nicole and her daughter Jessie and never looked back. But life didn’t truly get rough until Tom’s girlfriend Stella left for the summer internship. College students and quite the physical couple, Tom and Stella have never been away from each other for as long as they have this summer. A month apart seems like forever for Tom, whose so distracted by idle thoughts of Stella’s incredible body.

With long blonde hair, an impossibly curvy body, and absolutely huge tits, Stella is every guy’s fantasy. For a time she was Tom’s reality, the two all over each other. But now that Stella is taking the summer to work an internship at a business in a city sixty miles away, Tom literally does not know what to do. Even gaming doesn’t take his mind off Stella, the racing game he’s been playing reminding him of her own dangerous curves.

It also doesn’t help to have a hot stepmother who looks only hotter to a blue balled college guy like Tom with no source of relief. Nicole has been mom but he never called her that, because quite simply one doesn’t fantasize about any woman they call mom. Fortunately his stepsister Jessie is away at prep school, but Nicole is always around, except when she’s showing a house. As a realtor she works every hour she can to keep the bills paid and it just so happens that she heads off on an important house showing when Tom gets a very cool linked downloadable phone app game sent to him by someone calling themselves GamerK101.

The game is simply called Pocket Pussy VR and supposedly to play it one simply selects a contact photo from their phone and synchronizes it, then listens to a special set of tones on the phone which connects the player virtually to that person in the photo. After that the game purely consists of sex, virtual sex, but the game claims that when closing your eyes the sex is indistinguishable from actually being there with your partner.

It’s the perfect solution assuming it actually works, so Tom tries out the free trial game, obviously selecting his long distance girlfriend Stella. It’s unbelievable how real it feels, the actual sensation of touching her, fondling her, thrusting into her, taking her. Pocket Pussy VR is like getting everything he wanted simply from a game on a phone in his pocket.

When at last it’s over, Tom is baffled as to where his climax went, the fact he was seriously backed up for a month meaning he should have made a mess. And that’s when Stella calls, letting Tom know that while he was playing his game, sixty miles away on a busy city sidewalk… she just had sex. For her it was like some very physical feeling ghost just grabbed her and used her, no idea it was Tom until he admits it.

As kinky as she is, Stella warns Tom that he got off lucky this time, since tomorrow is her really dangerous day to have a guy doing something so unprotected. After ending the call with her, Tom takes one from Nicole, his stepmother telling him she’ll be late with the current house showing, to handle dinner on his own and that’s when Tom figures out his evening activities.

If tomorrow is the dangerous day for Stella, he might as well make the most of today, even if it humiliates his long distance girlfriend by having her brains ghost-fucked out in the middle of her internship office job. He plots and plans to stuff her so much she’ll be practically inflated, loving the reality that only SINtendo can bring to truly kinky gaming.

Unfortunately for Tom, or could it end up being a fortunate twist of fate… he never even notices that the SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR game locked in on his most recent contact photo, the one that came up when Nicole called him and he answered.

Will Tom realize just who the virtual body he is soon feeling up and enjoying belongs to in time? Will Nicole figure out that the house she is showing really isn’t haunted by some unbelievably horny spirit? It’s a game where everyone wins, even if they never signed on to play, and in the end, this is one game with more dangerous curves than any racing game out there, especially after those curves are quite graphically enhanced due to in game bonuses and rewards.

Discover the most intense way to have long distance sex ever, discover the mixed up fun of SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR.

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