Oct 14 2020

Get Social at Hallowkeme

Melgrim’s missing phone has been found… but unfortunately it wasn’t found by the demon who lost it. Instead a hapless guy named Nate has purchased it from a sketchy guy in the mall, and his girlfriend Katie couldn’t possibly complain more about the bargain. As Nate goes to prove that his new cheaply bought phone …

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Oct 12 2020

Coffee is very special at Hallowkreme

Dana feels lucky to have found a loving respectful guy like Wyatt, though Wyatt could say the same about her. Yet their relationship might hit a bump they never imagined, or rather two bumps after Dana eats the pumpkin spice muffins he got her at Koffee Kakes Café. The pandemic prevented them from trying the …

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Oct 10 2020

Donnie can help find a job at Hallowkreme

Donnie the Demon has never been the brightest, but he’s always having a fun time, constantly eating mini-pizzas, and this year has his very own clothing line. Thanks to a scheme of his old bullies, now employees, Melgrim and Grimmel, there’s a brand new section in his store… Business Essentials. Featuring regular clothing for a …

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Oct 08 2020

Always watch the time during Hallowkreme

Three years ago, April Flowers held a party at a house down the street from an old asylum. They played the closet game, where two would step into a closet and share their deepest fantasies. But this version of Seven Minutes in Heaven was held in a notorious closet rumored to be the place an …

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Oct 06 2020

HallowKreme gets the point

When Eva wanted a Halloween costume party, her loving husband Steve made it happen. Dressing in their own costume, they invited a few close friends, but the real fun comes from the one guest they didn’t invite. Tuner is stuck in the rain, seeking an escape from the dreary night. When he happens upon the …

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Oct 04 2020

HallowKreme is remarkable

Dinky is an imp, but don’t let his name fool you. This imp has big plans, especially after finally passing his certification course on the supernatural skill of Remarkability. Every imp has an aura of skills, both natural and learned, and while all imps are clever tricksters, they must train in the skill of Remarkability, …

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Oct 02 2020

HallowKreme 2020 begins with a scary movie

For their date tonight, high school senior Michael is taking his beautiful intelligent girlfriend Victoria to see the one movie everyone is talking about. Unfortunately for her most of the talk is about how horribly produced the movie is, a typical scary movie called Scared Stupid. But is there more to this poorly plotted, badly …

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Oct 01 2020

It’s October so it must be HallowKreme…

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, nothing stops HalloKreme… There’s new Donnie the Demon, new SINtendo, new Bimbo Bombed, new Konversation, new Trance-tory, new Tales from the Kremey Zone with not one but two tales included, a new mysterious Fertile Fields, and two new sequels no one ever expected! To top things …

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Sep 30 2020

There’s nothing like a SINtendo SNAPshot

Barry loves photography, and the pandemic has given him limitless time to explore that love. But will he ultimately find a greater and much more physical love than he expected after discovering a mysterious photography app, one rumored online to apparently trap people? He is intrigued by the strange discussion on a forum he frequents, …

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Sep 30 2020

Grab a little something before fall begins

College is back in session and if you thought there was enough to worry about with the pandemic, think again… although Cassandra may find herself unable to think about much of anything after getting Stuck in Bimbo Limbo, and when Katherine working on a thesis of how the media is manipulating viewers gets a sample …

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Sep 30 2020

Selfies are ready for the fall

As the weather starts to cool, are allergies heating up this year? Be sure you find the right relief or it May Cause Swelling… and speaking of a growing problem, the population of a small town called Seeder’s Grove is about to reach all new highs when a traveler gets altered by some hazardous fertility …

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Sep 27 2020

SINtendo’s reality is different than your own

Alternate World Tales are brand new from the Kreme, and each pair of tales will explore what happens when the same two characters make very different choices with very different motivations. In this second part of this month’s SINtendo tales, Alec always wanted his brainy smart librarian girlfriend Addison to become stupid. He just thought …

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Sep 24 2020

There’s more than one alternative reality with SINtendo

Alternate World Tales are brand new from the Kreme, and each pair of tales will explore what happens when the same two characters make very different choices with very different motivations. In this first part of this month’s SINtendo tales, Addison has always wanted her respectful sweet boyfriend Alec to be a real beast, but …

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Sep 21 2020

There’s nothing like being fudged by SINtendo

Julie James has been here before, the virtual city she revealed in those moments her mind was splitting from her physical body on Floor 13 of SINtech Tower. She’s been here before, and she’s back for revenge. Max was the man who fucked up Julie’s innocent life, leaving her trapped in VR, leaving her empty …

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Sep 18 2020

SINtendo sees VR in a new light

Melanie and Preston have a great relationship, but there’s always been one thing that Preston said would save that relationship from getting dull and that’s for Melanie to join his interest in gaming. Unfortunately on the day she finally went down to the corner gaming store and found a VR game she likes, he has …

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Sep 15 2020

It’s a battle with SINtendo

Gaming buddies Callum and Lonnie will find themselves closer than they ever imagined after Lonnie’s latest game choice takes things to a whole new level. Battle of the Sexes is supposedly an intensely real, high quality graphics battle to survive in a jungle setting. But one player must be the muscular action movie looking soldier …

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