Jun 13 2020

Quarantine with SINtendo

Alex ignored the random messages on his game profile. He never read through them until months of frustration in quarantine led him to. Someone named GamerK101 sent a link to a game that could finally resolve the conflict Alex has with how his friend and now stepsister Ashley has become so hot? They were gaming …

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Jun 08 2020

It’s time again

In 1981, a campus nerd and his campus stud roommate changed forever. The nerd became Tuner, wielding a powerful tuning fork that can re-tune anything or anyone it touches. The hulking roommate became Donk E. Dickthruster, animated wish granting pervert. Their friendship was over as they went their ways, but the world was just beginning …

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Jun 04 2020

There’s something about that tune

In 1981 campus nerd Terry Nernan and his roommate campus hunk Donald Keyes changed forever. A friendship became a battle over Donald’s sister Marcia. And the ripple effects of their fight would be felt for generations. Seeking a sound that can change the universe itself, Terry discovers the metal to form a tuning fork that …

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May 28 2020

It’s a Full Fertile Feast

The complete Fertile Feasts Collection, over 33,000 Words of Kreme! One of the most popular series by the Kreme, now in a single volume! Discover what secrets brought about the Fertile Feasts and the strange town connected to each and every one of them! Chapter One: On Cam Cammie: Fertile Feasts have been unleashed upon …

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May 25 2020

Grab two classic Kreme Tales

You don’t have to be six feet away to Grab these two twisted tales. In the first, if you thought going to the store had become crazy… you haven’t seen anything yet. Witness the truth behind alien visits, their true motivation of insane reality altering pranks. Then witness an entity known only as the Narrator …

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May 16 2020

She’s in Bliss

Sarah Devlin has always been willful, confident, and adventurous. Unlike many girls, she has tackled the world on her own, and enjoyed everything from extreme sports to financial independence. Her wedding day will change all of that… and she might be unable to resist the changes, or explain them. The day before the wedding, maid …

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May 09 2020

Selfies never get cancelled

Spring may have been cancelled this year but Selfies never forgets a season… and neither do the flowers. But the roses Olivia finds as a gift to her mother might have her finding herself a mother soon enough. And while you’re stuck at home, marriages may be put to the test, but that doesn’t mean …

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Apr 28 2020

Better check the batteries in that Remote

Lawrence King created a remote control to make life easier… but little do most know that the remote made far more than just life easier. His young neighbor Will has seen all the odd behavior, the big grins, the remarkable physical changes in Willow, King’s stepdaughter. He’s determined to figure out what is going on, …

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Apr 26 2020

Nurse Krissy needed a second dose

When Doctor Kreme has good news, that they’ve finally caught up with patients and it looks like they’ve gone over the biggest hurdle, Nurse Krissy is displaying some big hurdles of her own he wouldn’t mind getting over. Having helped the last of her patients, Nurse Krissy only has one task in mind… thanking the …

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Apr 19 2020

She’s really a doll when she’s asleep

Jeff’s wife Jenny is hot, her exotic Asian heritage appreciated by his friends. But lately she isn’t getting hardly any sleep at all. After dealing with sleep loss for over a month, Jenny goes to the pharmacy and returns with Trance-tory Sleep Solutions, so new to the market they aren’t even sold yet. They guarantee …

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Apr 10 2020

Enter the Easter Zone

A pair of longtime church friends collecting for the needy at a downtown street festival are about to find that Easter this year will send them down into the pit of pleasure and sin like never before. April and Tony have always been close, and more than a few times they have done what they …

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Apr 09 2020

Nurse Krissy has your first dose

The world’s in chaos, doctors and nurses on the front line of a battle that will exhaust everyone. But not as much as Nurse Krissy exhausts her patients, leaving them smiling despite the pandemic currently stressing them out. Doctor Kreme has worked his wing of the hospital alongside Nurse Krissy for years and no matter …

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Apr 02 2020

It’s time for a little stimulation

Mar 31 2020

It’s still possible to Grab something

Life may be non-grabby right now with social distancing… but you can still Grab yourself some fun. Dolls are for little girls but big girls make the best dolls as you’ll see in these twisted tales. Erica never took seriously her boyfriend’s career of game testing until she became that game. And Samantha was always …

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Mar 31 2020

Selfies spring up again

Maybe March Madness was cancelled this year but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of true Madness to go around. Best friends Wila and Mona get Bimbo Bombed while out. If they don’t have a public fight, things may truly go crazy in public for the both of them. And a little thrill around Halloween …

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Mar 26 2020

It’s not just a rock

Stan and Hoshi are chilling at his apartment one day, Hoshi watching TV, saying she’d love to be a famous actress one day. Little do they know she’s about to get her big debut after noticing the rock he found on a recent hike in the woods. Running her fingers over the moss on that …

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