Nov 30 2020

There’s always a Krismas

Koming sooner that you think.. Brand new All I Want. Brand new Impmas fun featuring the Temp Imps Brand new Trance-tory Brand new Konversations Brand new Tales from the Kremey Zone Brand new Naughty Elves The 100th brand new SINtendo tale A brand new Santa’s Stuff tale The first new Shoes to Fill tale in …

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Nov 29 2020

There’s a Remote Chance that things change

Josh Berry was never the coolest kid around, but one thing he always had going for him was an uncanny knack for having hot girlfriends, even if he couldn’t keep them. Most of his bad luck was due to his father Luke Berry, who Josh never knew was stealing those girlfriends, an enhanced gift in …

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Nov 27 2020

Grab something before Khristmas begins

The Grab Bag returns just in time for the holidays, so remember to dress well for them. What you wear says a lot about you, but it can change even more, especially if it’s Thread Bare. And if you’re staying home this year, cooped up with the wife, why not make a friendly wager to …

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Nov 26 2020

Selfies get stuffed for November

Selfies returns with some very strict rules… but as Annabeth discovers, Bending the Rules can truly break all the barriers, along with one’s mind. Another important rule to remember is to always look one in the eyes, unless you’re more interested in something else, and want them to be too. This Selfies includes: Bending the …

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Nov 22 2020

Come visit the Country

Penelope Sanderson is a powerful businesswoman who seldom has time for pleasantries. Yet nobody could ever imagine the fierce educated woman was once Penny Sanders, sweet farm girl whose parents never accepted their daughter’s ambitious achievements. When her parents stop by uninvited, any hopes they have changed their ways are dashed when the couple mentions …

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Nov 14 2020

It’s good to make Contact on an Anniversary

Colin has a hot busty blonde as his wife. Heather’s everything a man could want, and to her he’s just as perfect. Even her sister and friends say Colin’s a good guy, but when Heather plays a game called SINtendo ContactHIGH, all of them may be nothing but naughty. For their anniversary, Heather wants to …

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Nov 07 2020

Frank’s back to guarantee a good time

Desiree has planned the perfect road trip adventure for her best friend Katherine before her wedding. Along with their four closest friends, the ladies find that adventure going too far after a breakdown leads them to the closest place for help… a casino resort called Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort. Little do they suspect …

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Oct 31 2020

There’s always a Remote Chance on Hallowkreme

It was chance that changed Luke Berry’s life forever. An experimental remote control passed electricity from a fluke lightning bolt through a hotel television showing porn into his body. Just like that, Luke was a man enhanced, becoming his own porn persona. He was a muscular grinning man who always had sex on the mind …

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Oct 30 2020

SINtendo never misses Hallowkreme

Visiting every October for years, Sam couldn’t be more different than the cousin he stays with, Dakota. While she’s a sweet innocent shy girl who never gives her parents any trouble, he’s always in one argument or another. After getting yelled at for fighting, Sam finds himself with Dakota, the always sweet girl just thinking …

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Oct 28 2020

Hallowkreme practises recycling… differently

In the future recycling has been mastered thanks to the Recyclatron 3000. It can create anything one can imagine, and thanks to a Halloween modification, the recycling plant’s costume creator can even reuse you to temporarily become whatever you like. Space princess, cyborg, bunny girl, the options are as limitless as your imagination. For 48 …

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Oct 26 2020

It’s Hallowkreme in the Zone

The forces of logic, reason, and sanity can quite often be thrown right out the window. If 2020 has proven anything, it has proven that. But every so often someone finds themselves escaping into a place where perversions become normal, and the normal becomes perverse. When that happens, they have entered The Kremey Zone. This …

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Oct 24 2020

The Konversation at Hallowkreme is frightening

Alan has been dealing with the pandemic like everyone else, worried constantly about failing his lovely wife and child. But during a video session with a familiar and talkative doctor, he might discover that what he fears most can be managed quite easily. It could be as simple as taking care of a couple of …

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Oct 22 2020

The neighbors are unruly at Hallowkreme

Everyone has nuisance neighbors from time to time, those who tend to stir up trouble and cause headaches. But not every nuisance neighbor gets taken care of quite the way Wormina Stanford takes care of hers. Having lived decades in the once quiet cul-de-sac, Wormina Stanford happens to be a witch, and this Halloween she …

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Oct 20 2020

The weather is frightful at Hallowkreme

On a frightfully stormy night, in the isolated old house she and her husband recently bought, Sarah is about to have a life changing experience that might just scare her in ways she never knew before. Passing the time waiting on her husband William to arrive home, Sarah finds an old novel left by the …

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Oct 18 2020

Even Hallowkreme gets Bimbo Bombed

When someone pops up early for a planned Zoom session with a number of their friends, Tricia and Cody simply think it’s a friend. Making a silly face as her fiancée waves, the happy couple greets a masked menace who informs them both they have just been Bimbo Bombed. As Tricia is frozen in the …

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Oct 16 2020

Hallowkreme can be very Fertile

A rookie cop with passion for doing real police work might take on more than she can handle after leaving a mandated police costume party the night before Halloween. While the others are still getting drunk and doing little, Michelle is determined this is the perfect night to look at one of the most notorious …

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