Oct 04 2013

Halloween with the Kreme 2013 begins with Donnie the Demon

Donnie the Dimwitted Demon by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Dimwitted Demon by Kris P. Kreme

Halloween with the Kreme 2013 begins with not the brightest of demons making an appearance!

Some demons want pain and punishment for all mankind. Then there is Donnie, who’s always enjoyed his human friends more than any of the bullies back in hell.

When Donnie invites his human friends over to a Halloween costume party, and later opens his own costume store, two hellish bullies ensure that every human will be perverted in the most extreme ways possible.

It’s too bad Donnie is a bit too dimwitted to realize the humans aren’t just playing games.


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In the underworld there are demons who rise to torturous heights of power and fear, who rain death and chaos down on the weak and enjoy twisted turbulence of mere mortals up on the surface.

Donnie is not one of those demons. Donnie is a simple sort, a kindhearted soul who just happens to be a menacing looking winged demon. He has always preferred humanity to his own kind and so it fits that Donnie the Demon would live among those he enjoys the company of.

Most days in his existence, Donnie must wear a costume, disguising his somewhat frightening appearance to conform with society in a mortal world. One day out of the year though, Donnie is free to show his true self proudly and that day is Halloween.

One year Donnie decides it’s time to try his hand at hosting a party and what sort of party would be better than a Halloween Costume party? Yes, Donnie, simple and somewhat easily fooled, invites all his human friends over for a special party. Unknown to him, though, this party will end up being much more special than any Halloween party ever has been.

Back in the underworld he left behind, two of Donnie’s old bullies are up to no good and they have a plot to ruin dimwitted Donnie’s fun by perverting all the guests into taking on aspects of their costumes, twisted aspects that will be quite sexually explicit.

Does Donnie notice when the changes start erupting sporadically right in his own home? Sure he does, but Donnie is simple and chalks it all up to human party games.

The games will be quite winning to watch as the guests of his party become everything from a bunny eager for a humping, to a blow-up doll, sexy cow, and hooker.

Fear not though… for the start of Halloween with the Kreme 2013 is a double-feature.

One year later, Donnie has decided that after such costumed fun hosting his own party, he wants to break into the business of selling costumes to humans, all sorts of costumes, in his own fun house of a building, decorated and stuffed with only the best costumes he could find.

On opening day, Donnie is sure this will be ten times as fun as simply hosting a party. The costumes he has are special, he just knows it.

What Donnie doesn’t know is that his old buddies from hell are back and this time they have placed a special curse on the costumes. Needless to say the customers stopping by will discover that once tried on, the costume becomes who they are, and with the usual explicit twists and perversions.

What will happen to the college couple dressing as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? What will happen when a man puts on a superhero outfit? Will the pirate costumed girl discover the joys of being a yo ho ho for anyone who wants her?

Find out as everyone’s favorite dimwitted demon takes costume creativity to new extremes.


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