Get cheered up with a Booby Trap!

Booby Trapped: Cheering UP the Crowd by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Cheering UP the Crowd by Kris P. Kreme

Over 14,000 Words of Kreme!

Chloe is the girl with everything to lose, but she’s only gaining in this twisted tale.

A friend to all, cheerful and kind, Chloe is loving her first year in college. She’s studying well, making friends, and is one of the biggest talents of the cheerleading squad.

However someone may not like her success as Chloe finds herself receiving a call others have gotten… a call informing her she has been Booby Trapped.

But just who’s behind it, and could any of this have something to do with her quirky top heavy friend, Zoe? After all Zoe seems to say the same happened to her a few years back.

It’s the biggest Booby Trapped ever… in more ways than one.


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Chloe has it all her first year of college, a key spot on the cheerleading squad, plenty of good friends, and the support of a great cheer coach who has her in the best shape ever.

However, all of that may just change thanks to a most unexpected call on the day of the big rivalry football game, and whatever the truth behind the caller’s sinister intentions, one of Chloe’s more unusual friends may just hold the answer… but unfortunately she’s to dumb to reveal anything.

Yes, Chloe has always been one to accept anyone, to be friendly when others would be dismissive, and during the first practice she ever had at college, Chloe noticed Zoe on the sidelines watching. Of course to be fair, everyone notices Zoe, and if they don’t something may be more wrong with them than whatever is wrong with poor Zoe.

Zoe was the type everyone would call a bimbo, and even Chloe would be tempted to say that if she didn’t feel it disrespectful to a sweet and sometimes almost sad looking young woman whose bust line threatened the strength of nearly all fabrics.

In college to study hard and get her degree, to cheer and cheer others up while staying fit, Chloe never asked for Zoe to come along, but something told Chloe that maybe once upon a time Zoe felt the same ambitions as she did.

If only Chloe knew that Zoe was the very first of many to suffer the fate of being Booby Trapped, of getting a call from someone close to them, someone with ulterior motives of madness which would challenge their very body in accomplishing three tasks.

It’s not long after practice, walking along with Zoe who seems oddly insistent on the two of them going and doing something away from the game that night. That’s when Chloe gets the call. She has been Booby Trapped, and unless she completes three tasks, she will experience cheerleading career ruining explosive growth, her breasts expanding as punishment for failing a task.

Naturally who would ever believe such ridiculousness and Chloe would hang up forever if not for the simple threat that whoever is calling knows her parents will be visiting and attending that big game tonight with the intent of visiting their pride and joy for the first time since leaving for school. Someone is threatening her family, forcing her to listen to graphic crude claims and requests, but just who could it be?

Does Zoe know more than she says, as she certainly seems to, at least behind those bimbo smiles of hers? Just what will happen when Chloe refuses the first task because she simply can’t humiliate herself by doing what is asked? Will the sweet virginal girl who never met a stranger, find herself meeting and doing all sorts of nasty things with many many strangers?

Find out in the truly twisted tale which re-introduces Zoe from the very first origin story of Booby Trapped, and packs a lot more than action into a collegiate football game.

Good cheerleaders are always full of spunk, but Chloe might just prove that bad ones bring new meaning to just how stuffed with spunk they can be.

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