Sooner than you think… It’s almost time Readers

Starting July 1st… It’s Readers’ Choice Month 2020!

Readers Choice Month 8 Ad

This year’s stories include…

Not one, not even two, but three new SINtendo related tales!

There’s a new Konversation, a new Trance-tory tale, new Seamen Shack and a new Fertile Fields!

Plus a bunch of brand new themes and stories, everything from whodunnit mysteries to future tales of environmental responsibility to protesting for equality in only the most twisted kinky Kreme ways.

There’s every theme from female dominant villainesses to male enhancement taken to extremes.

There’s tales to feature adjusting to life with virus fears where the virus isn’t what you have to worry about, and brand new Tales from the Kremey Zone.

A month of new and old favorites are just around the corner!