Nov 24 2019

There’s not a Remote Chance they’ll stop looking

Tropically Remote Glances by Kris P. Kreme

Tropically Remote Glances by Kris P. Kreme

On college campus, Luke Berry saw the thrill that can be had doing something helpful. So even if his goals are still to steal every girl his son Josh finds, he’s being charitable… this time helping Josh’s latest girlfriend Ava go with her friends to a tropical island over Spring Break when one of those friends gets engaged.

Planning a beach bachelorette party, the girls are clueless to the fact that Josh’s dad possesses a powerfully potent manhood, one that even the slightest glance at will forever change a girl, making her into a stereotype of porn.

But will it be the journey that Luke enjoys more than the final party? There’s plenty of fun to be had in the sun this time.


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Over 21,000 Words of Kreme!

Everyone needs a little getaway now and then, an escape from the cold, perhaps to a tropical paradise where every woman is a potential conquest waiting to happen. Well, for most that isn’t always possible, but if you’re Luke Berry, anything is possible and many months have passed since he helped his son Josh deal with a bitchy feminist professor who was threatening his education. College campus was an adventure, but now it’s time for some Tropically Remote Glances.

That’s right, when Luke Berry takes his time with Josh’s latest girlfriend, instead of stealing her away with one glance at his supernaturally porn charged dick, he gets quite the opportunity to make this one a real escape.

Josh has always had the knack for attracting very cute girls, and Ava is no exception. He’s sure the name is short for something, probably something unpronounceable, because Ava is a stunning girl whose parents were originally from India. With her darker bronzed skin, she’s easily the type one associates with the words exotic and desirable. And ever since Luke had a bizarre accident involving an experimental remote control, lightning, and an unfortunately stuck on the porn channel hotel television, he’s been quite happy with the transformations his manhood can cause.

One glance… just one look at it, causes women to become the porn version of themselves. In porn there are obvious caricatures, stereotypes, so women might fall into any number of changes once Luke flashes his dick at them. He’s changed careers since his adventures began, become the buff stereotype himself of a massively muscular perfect male specimen whose stamina is unmatched, who can go and go like a cut together porno makes it seem all those men can go. And most enjoyably he has made a habit out of stealing his son’s girlfriends, turning some of them into literal porn stars as he records their fun and uploads it for his growing throng of viewers online.

Playing the long game and holding out with Ava was originally just to build up the anticipation, make it a bit more fun, but when one of Ava’s girlfriends is proposed to, Ava wants to have a bachelorette party in the tropics over Spring Break. When the money isn’t quite there for such an excursion, Luke happily steps in to pay their way, as long as he can tag along for the vacation.

So it’s off to a fantastic tropical island where unknown to anyone, their fantasies will definitely be cumming true. As Luke bides his time, plotting and planning his ultimate cumming clean with the girls at that party the final day of their stay, he enjoys everything from the locals to the guests.

Even at check in, Luke sees a hot Asian working behind the desk with her pretty blonde friend. Recently engaged, she’s loving the attention her new ring gets her. But taking Luke to show him his private room near the beach, she’ll soon become yet another stereotype, a poorly speaking Asian slut, one glance and she’s his. Her friend isn’t far behind when she goes to check on her.

From there it’s on to the beach where families go to have a wonderful time together, where fathers take daughters to keep those daughters from the other worries of Spring Break. Yet these girls will all go much more than wild, each and every pretty nubile girl an all new transformation, an all new porn persona released when Luke inevitably finds one creative way after another to flash his dick at them.

Mothers, daughters, girlfriends, and wives, things are getting as hot as hell thanks to only the most remote of glances, and on a remote island, those glances lead to the most fun Luke may have had since he first was himself changed in Hell, Michigan so long ago.

When at last the day arrives for the lovely young bride to be, Kyra, to have her final fling with her friends, a private beach gets quite privately personal the moment Luke shows up. Ava, Kyra, and their two best friends Dawn and Jennifer have no idea how one of them getting married will change all of them, and in ways they may never return from, both physically and mentally.

So beat the chill with a twisted tale you’ll be quite thankful to read, and take those glances tropical in Tropically Remote Glances.


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