Mar 03 2015

Visit Downtown Fertile Fields

Downtown Fertile Fields by Kris Kreme

Downtown Fertile Fields by Kris Kreme

Fertile Fields is a destination no one chooses, where an unleashed uncontrollable power rules over all through the fantasies unspoken.

Only Riley Sloane seems separated from the influence, but even he is overwhelmed by this town.

Meanwhile, Sam, Richie, and the younger Alice have arrived in downtown Fertile Fields. For Sam and Richie, more than a headache may be cured by a trip to the drugstore, but for Alice, this isn’t wonderland and she finds herself in an increasingly frightening and arousing position.


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As the mysterious drifter, RIley Sloane, heads further and further into the lost town of Fertile Fields, he discovers just why fate seems to have led him here. He has always felt the need to go where his help is wanted, but Fertile Fields may be the one place no one wants help and everyone needs it.

The town has given way to a perverse twisted lust, one where fantasies come true but only in the most unusual ways. Someone is behind this though, one man, an unspoken name who rules over all reality in the small but growing town of Fertile Fields.

Venturing inward from the outskirts where Riley Sloane is, we find longtime friends Sam and Richie arriving in the center of town, a town that challenges everything they expected and more. Waiting on their friends who are spending quality eternity at the drive-in, Sam is the responsible one in the group, barely keeping Richie from exploiting their younger traveling companion, the lovely eighteen year old Alice.

Alice has had a rough life, losing her parents at an early age, being practically raised in some ways by the always caring older brother type that Sam is. Fertile Fields is about to take Alice on a journey her namesake never could have imagined, and this time she won’t be following any white rabbit, though she may just end up sharing certain traits with all bunnies.

While Alice finds herself quickly separated from the others, spiraling deeper into a dangerous and mysterious situation, Sam and Richie check out downtown, unaware of their friend’s troubles. Whether it’s the charity car wash in the church parking lot or the bizarre products and behavior at the Fertile Fields Drugstore, something about this town is overpowering, beyond twisted, and taking them with it.

It’s a typical day in Fertile Fields, but will this day be the last that Sam, Richie, and Alice experience as the individuals who drove into town? Will Sam’s somewhat throbbing headache give way to an all new and inappropriate throbbing for Alice? Does the Fertile Fields Drugstore have what it takes to change everything?

Find out in the epic mystery of the town that doesn’t exist and yet somehow continues to grow. If you thought the road into town was intense, wait until you arrive in Downtown Fertile Fields.


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