Jan 18 2020

Take a peek behind the scenes at the Kreme Servers

Server 700: The 700th Book of Kreme by Kris P. Kreme

Server 700: The 700th Book of Kreme by Kris P. Kreme

Katie went to college, leaving deadbeat parents with no ambition for themselves or her. The only thing they gave her was good looks, looks that may serve well in a job she never expected.

Applying in person for a job as a server, she expects the place to be a restaurant. But the facility at 131 Sintrance Fields Road is anything but. It’s a server farm, and as crazy as it seems, Katie may just be the next server they maintain.

If you’ve ever wondered where 700 tales and counting are backed up and stored, wonder no more. This totally true tale tells of our newest living server, a girl who never suspected just how full and yet draining a job can really be until she became Server 700.


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Katie has always been determined to end up somewhere better, to surpass the lives of her deadbeat parents that she left behind to go to college. With a mother only earning money off her good looks and a father who assumed the same for Katie, she’s determined to be smarter in every decision she makes. But responding to a job posting may just be the dumbest decision Katie ever made.

Sitting in the waiting room of a fancy modern building, this is far from the restaurant she believed she was driving to. The ad in the campus newspaper, hidden in the corner of the ads in a paper almost no student even read, she’d found the posting for a motivated girl willing to be a server for high pay and benefits. The ad even mentioned growth potential, but Katie could never imagine just what sort of growth potential this position really offers.

Instead of a restaurant she drove along a very lengthy private drive to a gated secure facility known as Sintrance Server Farm. But Katie had driven here and really needed a job, college classes and books far too expensive to keep scraping by on her own. So she entered and spoke to the security guy mentioning the ad.

She was surprised by many things, the incredibly modern facility, the hospitality robots that roamed the lobby, and of course that the security guy seemed to get the impression she would be absolutely perfect for the server position advertised.

So there she sat, knowing next to nothing about servers other than they stored information, sites, files, whatever, and Katie was continually doubting why she even came here to this place.

Attractive looks, a great body, that was all her mother gave her of any value and so far it had been more inconvenient than a benefit, but what Katie never could imagine is that one particular client of the Sintrance Server Farm has most unusual needs for a girl just like Katie and she’s soon to be getting the position she came for and more.

When a friendly seeming older man in a lab coat named Donnie comes out to greet her and give her a tour on the way to what would be her job, Katie is only more confused. Ultimately meeting an assortment of men revealing only cryptic information, Katie is only told that the facility stores backups of stories from a particular online author, stories they’ve discovered have a most potent power, the power to overheat typical mechanized servers, and the power to create a liquid in that overheating process that can be analyzed by computers for new technology and product development right from the pages of the fiction it came from.

It’s all rather impossible seeming, and they aren’t answering all her questions, but Katie could be a living server, at least that’s what they explain, that the human mind can hold vastly more information than even the best of their servers, so she’s there to take over for the last girl.

But just what happened to the last girl, exactly what happens to all girls who agree to become a living server at this strange modern facility? Katie always wanted to be more than a pretty face, to find education and success in life, but once she becomes Server 700, Katie may just get both the education and success she never dreamed of.

Seven hundred Tales from the Kreme have very specific needs to be safely stored and backed up, readers, and thanks to your dedicated reading and enjoyment, we have a brand new sexy server to store those stories in while fiction jumps off the page into reality through the magic of the Kreme. She may have never wanted to be little more than a sex object, but Katie is going to be quite productive as… Server 700.


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