SINtendo doesn’t pause for the New Year

SINtendo Stolen Pauses by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Stolen Pauses by Kris P. Kreme

When bitchy best friends Natalie and Brie spot the nerdy fat Brayden creeping around in the bushes outside the girl’s dorm, they decide to scare him. When he runs off dropping what looks like his phone, they decide to steal it for revenge.

Once they have it, the girls see it isn’t a phone but a perverted video game called SINtendo Pregnant Pauses Premium. But there’s a way they can still get revenge, micro-transactions, in game purchases.

Brayden has become the main character in his own game, bitchy girls he doesn’t know making him say horribly perverted things, buying bonuses and power-ups to ensure his words have the desired effect.

They all will learn that stealing is no game.


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Natalie and Brie are college roommates enjoying the fact that a most of their fellow students are leaving campus for winter break. At a campus in a part of the country where winter never really feels like winter, far too warm and comfortable, it’s typical for a lot of the students and staff to leave. But Natalie and Brie haven’t ever been one to follow the crowd, and that could be because they aren’t the most flawlessly perfect college girls around.

Where Natalie is pretty enough, she’s got a sporty athletic figure, and not so much up top. Brie has even less up top and other than her blonde hair nothing really head turning about her. Yet everything may change on the last day of classes before the campus clears out, thanks to a poor decision to mess with the creeping fat nerd who’s always leering at the hot busty girls in their dorm building.

Both of them have seen Brayden before, always skulking about, never actually seeming to find the nerve to talk to a girl but more than making up for that by creepily watching the hot ones, seeming to snap pictures on his weird little phone or whatever.

So when Natalie and Brie spot the loser hanging out near the bushes in front of their dorm, they can’t resist messing with him, Brie hammering on the window loudly, shouting at him. It works and scares the hell out of him as the fat slob turns and runs off faster than they ever would have thought a ball of lard like him could run.

It’s quite amusing but even more amusing is the fact Brayden dropped his phone or whatever he was so focused on in the bushes. And that is what gives Natalie a great idea, a devious cruel idea, but the perfect idea how they can both fuck with the loser who’s always leering at the campus hotties.

Quickly before any good samaritan finds what he drops and does the responsible thing, both girls head out and grab it from the grass. When they get back to their dorms they find out it’s not a phone like they’d expected, but instead some weird little handheld game called SINtendo Pregnant Pauses Premium. It seems fancy and new with pretty impressive graphics, and best of all it seems to have a network connection meaning it might still serve the method of revenge they had decided on.

Having intended to get his credit information, make a bunch of purchases, truly fuck with fat loser Brayden, they figure they can instead play his game and purchase as many in game bonuses as possible, charging money the poor loser probably doesn’t have to his account. It’s the perfect way of fucking with Brayden.

Micro transactions are where all the good games get you, they figure and that’s where they will get Braden.

Only when they go to start a new game, hardly caring about the rules, they find that they can only choose to continue Brayden’s game. It works for them because they figure they only have a limited time before Brayden reaches the boy’s dorm across campus and discovers he dropped his precious game… which they quickly find turns out to be a pervy little game.

The goal seems to be impregnation of strangers, an oddly realistic overhead view of what looks like a college campus showing the main character as a fat little blob that looks enough like Brayden to be amusing. And while they can’t seem to steer him or control him, they can take control of what he says and does when he nears an available girl with a glowing ring around her.

Their plan for revenge works when the character on screen’s intentionally poorly chosen crude dialogue doesn’t get the first girl he encounters ready for breeding. An option comes up to purchase in game power-ups to assist with completing the challenge. Opting for the twenty dollar gold power-up, they not only get guaranteed success but a randomly given epic item, this time something called legendary physique established.

What neither girl could ever imagine is that when they stole Brayden’s game, they entered it as two new players, and that made Brayden part of his own game. It’s in fact Brayden on the screen, a desperate retracing of his steps across campus to recover his lost game leading him into many encounters with hot girls, sexy professors, parents there to pick up their sons from college for winter break… and thanks to the evil bitchy intentions of Natalie and Brie not to hold back on anything… every single one of them might just become the breeding bitches for an increasingly buff Brayden whose own physique is quickly becoming legendary.

And when the rewards start coming for successful impregnations, Natalie and Brie may find themselves well beyond the most obscenely sexy and kinky girls on campus.

But what happens when a freakishly buff and sexually enhanced Brayden finally finds the girls who stole his game as well as his money? Will they realize that the game they’ve been playing is not only real but permanent? Find out in the most extreme lesson in the dangers of theft you’ve ever read with the epic tale SINtendo Stolen Pauses.


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