Jan 07 2020

You really can reach out and touch someone with SINtendo

SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR Part Four by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR Part Four by Kris P. Kreme

Tom was a gamer with a hot girlfriend who learned that gaming couldn’t replace their sex life when an internship took her away for the summer.

A friend online hooked him up with the ultimate way to transform his frustrations, a SINtendo game called Pocket Pussy VR that somehow allowed for long distance kinky fun.

He could choose a contact in his phone and have his way with them, much to their surprise and enjoyment. But the game offered rewards that changed everything, Tom most of all, and now the it will end with the most surprising bang of all.

His girlfriend Stella always competed with her mother, but when Tom brings Julie into his game, which one will win and at what cost?


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Tom always had a heavy dose of lust for his busty blonde girlfriend Stella, and after an internship took her away for the summer, that lust had nowhere else to go. When even gaming wasn’t helping distract him, a mystery online gamer pal simply known as GamerK101 offered the ultimate solution. He introduced Tom to SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR.

It was an impossible seeming game that allowed anyone in his contact list to become the subject of what he first believed to be an incredibly vivid simulation, a virtual reality game he thought but with sensations no less perfect than actual sex. And then Tom discovered it was actual sex, the SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR somehow opening up a wormhole through which he could long distance screw anyone in his contacts.

However the Pocket Pussy portal offered easy mistakes as he couldn’t see the actual contact, only feel them and they all felt fantastic. Tom began to lose himself to the lust and pleasure of leveling up, earning new rewards for conquests beyond simply his temporarily long distance love Stella. The rewards offered reality bending transformations for both himself and those he had fun with, until eventually Tom’s entire world revolved around the game, ultimately degrading his girlfriend and leaving her freakishly busty and quite possibly knocked up after her internship got quite friendly.

Now Tom has achieved a serious reward that may have serious repercussions for whoever he uses it on, and while his girlfriend Stella is definitely the end target, first he’d like to finally get somewhere with her hot as sin mother, Julie.

Of course Stella’s mother Julie is about to get more than one surprise as she has shown up with husband Larry, intending to make sure she’s okay and help her pack up to head home after her internship. When the daughter that answers the door to her nice apartment is bustier than a porn star and pregnant looking, Stella is definitely ready to drink.

Fortunately Larry is a doctor, though sending Larry in to personally examine Stella and tell just how anything like what they are seeing is possible after a matter of weeks away from home, Julie’s real concern is that Larry might see her twenty something daughter as the best trade up for a tame marriage to her mother.

Larry always liked girls busty and there’s definitely no one bustier than Stella. Yet what will happen when suddenly phantom hands are touching Julie while she nervously waits? What is happening to her and why is it so blissfully orgasmic to the point she doesn’t even care what is happening to her body?

A mother competing against the youth of her daughter may just find herself in the same game that gave her daughter such an obscene advantage, and their ultimate competition may just get very dirty… a true cum-petition for the ages where the ultimate winner will be the gamer playing a kinky game called SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR.

SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR finally concludes and if you thought the craziness was extreme before, you’ve seen nothing yet. Tom’s Pocket Pussy harem grows and he finally ends the game… with a real bang.


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