May 28 2012

Socks On The Brain – A Kris P. Kreme Comic Release!

Socks on the Brain CoverFrom the mind of Kris P. Kreme, well known erotica author specializing in bimbos, breast enhancement, and mind control comes an all original comic book destined to curl your toes… right up into your socks. Socks on the Brain, the twisted tale of what happens when one brainy girl overlooks the needs of her girlfriend for footwear.

Sasha and Lily are a cute college couple. Sasha has always been the curvy one and Lily has always been the brainy one. They have had a passion that was only on an increase for the entire time of their relationship. That is, until Lily let a simple obsession take over her home life. No longer does she come home and let Sasha ravish her all the night away. No longer does she provide the endless pleasure she once did. No, these days Lily spends all her free time pursuing a love verging on lust over socks. Striped socks, polka-dotted socks, silk socks, fishnet socks, socks with furry patterns on them, socks with individual toes, no matter the socks, Lily must have them and Sasha has had enough of this.

The solution comes when Sasha gets a popup ad on the computer late one night and in her sleepy undersexed state orders a very special pair of socks for her girlfriend. Will these socks finally give Sasha the girl she always wanted? Will they actually shift Lily’s priorities from socks to sex? And just how extreme will the claimed physical changes to Lily be? Find out in Socks on the Brain, a classic tale from Kris P. Kreme, exclusively illustrated and adapted by Kris P. Kreme. Bimbos, Breasts, and Blonde brainy Lily will never be the same.

Special Added Bonus! Includes the first chapter of the upcoming story The Kraving by Kris P. Kreme!

And for your enjoyment, a special preview of one of the pages!

Socks on the Brain Page OneYou can find the komplete komic at Smashwords now!

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