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Kreme Kuicky - Avatar EllySome games are more than they seem… Elly discovers that the SINtendo Whee most certainly is…


Avatar Elly
by Kris P. Kreme

Elly was bored.

It was as simple as that. She was bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored… just plain bored. She had exhausted every avenue of relief from the lazy summer day boredom that seemed to be repeating frequently these days. She had called all her friends, flipped through every channel on television, even wandered the internet aimlessly, hoping something might cure her boredom.

It was on the internet she came closest to curing the mind-numbing state that was dulling her very mental acuity. She had been browsing some of her favorite online erotica; let’s face it Elly was more than simply bored. She had come across a website for one of the authors. It was colorful and silly enough, perfect anti-boredom injection. It even featured some new short stories by him which to Elly’s bored… and let’s face it horny… mind was a blessing like no other.

Unfortunately that was where the brief respite from total dullness ended. She had scoured the site, read and reread every post, every story, even looked through all the fun imagery. She even commented on one and thoughts of that one were truly what came closest to finally ridding her of the summer slump she was in.

It was a post about SINtendo Whee. It was a video game console, likely created purely in the darkest imaginings of one Mr. Kreme, but still it was stirring up some unusual tastes on her palette. She rarely gave in to her inner fantasies as much as when reading about the inner workings of this online author. She loved how this game console could change a girl, could take over her mind, could rid her of pesky morality and inhibitions. She secretly longed to have something like that happen, if only for a little bit.

So she had posted a response to this SINtendo Whee imagery. She had simply posted a simple seven word response; I wanna play. Just for a bit…

Never did Elly suspect she might get a response from the author himself. Never did she ever in her wildest imaginings did she also suspect that he might send her a personal email, one where he revealed a secret no one probably knew.

SINtendo Whee was real.

It was totally mind-blowing, nearly as much as the stories this man told. However, this was no story. Elly knew that almost as much as she knew how bored she was. There was an attachment to the email, an attachment that simply said SINtendo Whee Online Trial.

Elly had goosebumps all over as she eagerly clicked on the attachment, assuming if anything could permanently squash her boredom it was a trial game on SINtendo Whee.

The file downloaded and installed rather quickly. It even seemed to recognize her as the title screen came up. Elly assumed this recognition was merely due to her computer having presets, having her name listed along with other personal info. Naturally, she wasn’t naive enough to believe that SINtendo Whee truly functioned as it did in the stories of Mr. Kreme.

Elly was all set for some kinky game, any kinky game, because let’s face it, the girl was not just bored, she was horny, quite possibly more so than any girl had ever been before, which is saying a lot for a girl like Elly. Anyway, she was aroused and beyond playing a game to take her mind off just how bored and aroused she was, Elly decided that something kinky was in order… something very very kinky.

That was when the title screen changed over to something unexpected. Where Elly had been expecting it to lead her to a menu screen with some titles she could try out, instead the words SINtendo Whee avatar creation popped up and immediately caused Elly to stop and think.

Thinking was something Elly felt best left for non-summer months. School was just bleh and she wasn’t in a bleh mood. However, the more she read, the more she liked. Apparently SINtendo Whee online trial included a custom avatar mode where the player onscreen would perfectly match whatever one wished it to. All she had to do was either scan a picture of herself or snap one with the camera on her computer. After that, it was as simple as selecting options from a limited list of characteristics.

Elly assumed the online trial probably didn’t include nearly as many options as the full version. However the options it did include were very very stimulating to as bored and horny a mind as hers was.

First she gave a pouty pose to the camera and waited as the image processed and then loaded onto the screen. Then she read the first option she had to choose from.

Intelligence selection, Elly read. Hmmm… she thought, silently stroking her inner thigh. Intelligence was just not something she cared about at the moment. Getting to the action in this game was, the kinky no doubt depraved action. She quickly scanned through the options and selected Bimbo Brain. That sounded silly and fun to her.

Waiting a moment or two as the selection processed, Elly then went on to the next option. Physique selection it seemed had to do with the build of one’s avatar. She could leave hers as it was or could enhance it through a number of different options, all of them fairly kinky but one definitely standing out more than the others.

Elly had always hated being rather flat chested. She had the inner mind of a bombshell and the face to match, but her body sometimes really bothered her. Why not, she thought. Why not just let loose? She knew from the moment she saw the Physique selection option that she was definitely going to enhance herself, but until she saw the Curvy Cow option, Elly never even considered just how bored and horny she was.

There was something about having aspects of a simple dull cow that drove Elly wild. And yes, she did so love the thought of not just having tremendous tits, but having tits that liberally sprayed milk all over whenever she stimulated them. It was a fetish to be sure, but then Elly was finally feeling that everlasting boredom dwindle as she played around with SINtendo Whee.

Curvy Cow selected, Elly moved on to the final option. This one seemed to be similar to roleplaying games that allowed one to select which skill set they wanted for their character. By this point though, Elly simply didn’t care. She was too amped up looking at herself onscreen, imagining if all these selections were really for her. Her thighs were spread, one hand buried as she struggled to shakily move the mouse with her other hand.

Hardly even paying attention to what skills she was selecting, Elly clicked on Whore for her Skill selection. She almost came as she thought of herself as some lactating curvy bimbo whoring it up all over town. She thrust eager fingers into herself looking at the avatar creation screen.

Elly hardly even noticed the question appear on her monitor, the one that said Permanent Avatar Creation and had a question mark at the end. By this point, Elly was no longer as bored, her horniness driving her over the top. She was desperate to just get to the real action, so she clicked the mouse until something new appeared over top of the question.

Confirmed, Elly read, her mind seeming somehow momentarily frozen.

She stopped thrusting fingers between her thighs. She stopped her frantic wiggling in her chair. She stopped everything as that one word resonated in her head and quite suddenly everything began to blur around her.

Elly was aware of the sensations she felt. She was fully aware of her tits swelling until her top exploded right off her. She was completely aware of her hips swelling, her curves becoming more than mere subtle slopes. She was absolutely aware of the sudden burst of fluid spraying from her nipples, pouring in little streams all over the floor. And of course she was aware of just how muffled her usual intelligence seemed to be as all these things happened.

Somewhere in a distant portion of Elly’s quite vapid little brain, she felt like this wasn’t right, as though this wasn’t what she had really wanted, that she had only been bored and horny, but not this bored and horny. She let the memories fade from her mind. She let the thoughts of posting that simple seven word response on Mr. Kreme’s website fade away as she suddenly lost the ability to even count to seven.

And then, as everything seemed to be resolving, the blur clearing around her, Elly felt the final bit of her inner self changing. She felt her innate skills rearranging themselves and suddenly she couldn’t do much more than smile. She knew she’d never be bored again. She knew that as much as she knew that clothes weren’t going to be needed for what she had in mind all of a sudden.

Why hadn’t she thought of this earlier? Why hadn’t she thought of this when flipping through channels, when surfing the net? What Elly really needed to cure her boredom forever was really quite simple, just like she was. All she needed was to go out and just start fucking.

And so that is exactly what Elly did, leaving behind her computer, leaving behind her new SINtendo Whee online trial, and simply wandering around stripped bare and leaking gallons of milk until a helpful man asked if she was okay.

Elly knew as that man shortly thereafter slammed his cock into her from behind that everything was okay now. As long as she was a milky cow of a whore, everything would always be okay. Summer would be quite fulfilling and of course, Elly would never be bored again.

The End

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    • Elly K on June 4, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    This is totally the best summer ever! I’m like never bored no more. I totally love mixin my white juices with his white juices! soo yummy!

    best game thingy ever!

    Umm anybody thirsty?

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