Jul 07 2012

Bubbling Up from the Abyss – A New Kreme Komic Series!

Newly released on the Giantess Club.com! The latest Kreme Komic arrives! Mystery! Thrills! Science and exploration combine into a tale of expanding proportions! What lurks in the depths of the Earth’s oceans? Who will be first to discover this mystery and what effects will this have on humanity?

Part One of this comic book series is now available and here’s a sample!

Kreme Komic sampler Bubbling UpAvailable exclusively at the Giantess Club.com now!

The longest, most detailed, most amazing Kreme Komic ever released! Professionally drawn to the highest standards and telling one of the Kreme’s best science fiction erotic stories!

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  1. jhalle

    I enjoy many of the comics on this site, in particular Bubbling up from the Abyss. I can see that this comic has great potential and would like to see Debra “Overman” transform into a mega-giantess. The excitement of being surrounded by navy ships causing her to grow more and more. Hopefully the next installation of this comic contains great growth,POV, and Breast expansion, with a special emphasis on the sexual growth between the two girls at the bottom of the ocean. Its only a wonder how the men at the bottom of the ocean are going to escape whats coming. I am confident that Kris P Kreme can “fill the holes” for this amazing adventure.

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