Jul 01 2012

SINtendo Whee Ad 2

The SINtendo Whee is an amazing piece of gaming technology! Just have a look at this classic ad from the Kreme that tells you all about it!SINtendo Whee! Read some of the Kreme’s tales about this gaming console!

Elly discovers some of the features and how they can change her life!

And don’t forget to check out this other classic SINtendo Whee ad!

Keep watching for another tale from the Kreme about what the SINtendo Whee can do!


  1. Jenny Demarko

    Can hardly wait until the new sintendo stories come out!

  2. lesrisen

    I absolutely adore the SINtendo series. Need more. NOW!

  3. Marioluwegee

    2013, the year of sintendo?

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