Jun 24 2012

Kreme Kuickies – Vacuous Vacations Now Available on Smashwords!

Vacuous Vacations KoverJust released! A new Kreme Kuicky on Smashwords! The story of Vacuous Vacations, and as a bonus, an additional short Kreme Kuicky!

Alison Anders never had to think twice. She was always the intelligent one, unfortunately dealing with men who knew far less. Being offered a paid vacation to private beachfront property in the first year of her job was unexpected, but she needed the time off. The strange vacation spot may hold secrets that will forever change Alison and greatly diminish any thinking she does from now on.

What is it that strikes the intelligent legal secretary as strange about the sleepy town of Jelly Cove? What are these rumors about Jelly Beach and just what is behind the cryptic and bizarre warnings an old woman gives her? Will Alison find time to relieve some pressure from her mind, or will that pressure simply plump up other parts of her? Find out in the short Kremed Kuickie of a tale, Vacuous Vacations.

As a bonus, look for the torrid techno-erotica treat, Avatar Elly. Elly is a bored college girl with too much time on her hands and some unquenched longings. Will a simple free trial of SINtendo Whee cure both? Find out just how stimulating simply setting up an in-game avatar can be in this original short written by the creator of the original SINtendo Whee.

Find this latest release from the Kreme on Smashwords!