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Dec 30 2018

This elf was too naughty…

This Krismas there was one cover which was a bit too naughty for Amazon and Smashwords… But the elf appears here for Readers to enjoy!

Apr 13 2018

Months Later… Some Days Later Uncensored Covers

Months after their release, here are two covers from the Days Later series in their uncensored versions for Readers of the Kreme!                             Watch for more Days Later soon!

Jan 01 2018

Some things are better unwrapped after Krismas

Two special treats for the beginning of 2018 for Kreme Readers! Here are two uncensored covers which, as it’s after Krismas, can be unwrapped for all to see! First is the cover of Booby Trapped Blizzard… And here’s the first cover of the new Days Later series: Best wishes from the Kreme to all and …

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Sep 22 2017

It’s a shame that sometimes a cover is a SIN… tendo

It’s been some time since the last uncensored Kreme cover and this one’s a SINtendo. Here’s the uncensored cover for SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Modern Orgasmic Farming for readers of the Kreme to enjoy!

Jun 03 2017

2016 was a bountiful krop

As a bonus for readers, here’s the uncensored cover for the 2016 Kreme of the Krop!

May 26 2017

A SINtendo cover just can’t be Extinguished

Every so often there’s a cover that’s a little too much. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t find a place on the Kreme’s website. The uncensored cover for SINtendo Extinguis-HER comes out of the shadows! Watch out for the latest SINtendo Select coming next week!

Dec 14 2014

The Teddy Bare

Another of the covers that was a bit too much for Amazon and Smashwords was the original idea for Talking Teddy. It was a bit too bear… bare. But that’s not true here on the Kreme’s Blog, so as a treat for the Kreme’s fans, here’s the cover!

Nov 02 2014

Two more Kreme Kovers too hot for sale

Two more covers from the Kreme that were too hot to be seen except here on the Kreme’s website. Hot off the Press was a little too much and needed to be covered up some. As well, I Think Therefore You Are was just a bit over the line and needed some changes as well. Stop …

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Oct 01 2014

Get ready for Halloween with the Kreme 2014

Tis the season where the Kreme opens the door to the world of the Kreme Keeper…   What evil will be the Kreme’s treats this year?   A walk in the park? A ghostly apparition? A curse and a hex? A chance for some SINtendo tricks and treats?   You can be sure that all …

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May 21 2014

Korporate Kreme under the cover

As a bonus for the Kreme’s readers, here’s the uncensored cover for Korporate Kreme!