Mar 20 2013

The first Krop is in!

Kreme of the Krop 2013 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2013 by Kris P. Kreme

In the orchard of orgasmic tales, only the most memorably moaning make it to market. Those tales are called the Kreme of the Krop. For this first annual Kreme of the Krop, six sensationally sexual stories are brought together for one unbelievable blast of bliss, a bargain seen once a year where for a price lower than ever purchasing six separate tales, readers are treated to the best of the best, the breast of the breasts, and only the must of the lust. Kris P. Kreme presents Kreme of the Krop 2013.

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In Artistic License, Laura and Dakota are good girls, and like any good girls they spend their Saturday at the library studying, preparing their minds for school so that Sunday will be free for church. They are sweet, friendly, and completely dedicated to a moral, ethical, and responsible life.

Things are about to change for Dakota and Laura, and it all begins with a little lesson in art appreciation. On their way to the library, the girls stumble upon a man in the park, a man who they have never seen before but then traveling artists are often more recognized for their work than their faces. This man is a caricature artist, a man who takes what he sees and exaggerates features, twists and creates images cartoon in nature, but perhaps carnal in reality. At least that is how his caricatures seem to Dakota and Laura.

After having their caricatures made, the two simply can’t get over the images, can’t put them out of mind, and so begins the journey down a new road in life, a life where the only thing more twisted than the caricatures is what these two girls spend their day and every day forward doing.

A brand new Kreme original is followed up by two exclusive Kreme Klassics, never to be seen outside of this Kreme of the Krop special. In the first, find out just how entertaining an infomercial can be in the only story ever to be inspired and written in commercial format, a product advertisement for Head Off with testimonials sure to sell you on the best way to handle problem girls in your life.

Next up in the Krop is a tale which has seen more requests for sequels or just more in the series than surprisingly any other, a simple tale where conversation changes everything. My, How you’ve Changed is a Klassic where a chance encounter leaves nothing to chance.

Finally to round out this year’s Krop, read three of last year’s newest Klassics as chosen by the Kreme himself, complete with introductory comments you won’t find elsewhere, insights into the mind behind the mayhem. The three instant Klassics from 2012 are A Calculated Risk, which features a gift which keeps on giving, One Giant Leap, which takes  the reader on a mysterious journey beyond the stars and into epic alien landscapes, and Words Can Never Hurt You, which ironically proves that actually they can, but it feels so good.

New readers and old alike, join the Kreme Kollective and take a journey through all things twisted and torrid, Tales from the Kreme that go beyond simple sex stories, tales that are ripe for the reading. Kreme of the Krop 2013 is finally in season.

A $16.00 value for 50% off what they would be individually!

Three new stories and three of the best from 2012!

Try the best of the Kreme!