May 29 2017

Get SWITCHED on with SINtendo!

SINtendo SWITCHbitch by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SWITCHbitch by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo continues corrupting and ruining families yet somehow bringing them together.

Now comes the all new SINtendo SWITCHbitch, the gaming device disguised as a metal headband which instantly numbs the mind and SWITCHes good for bad, bad for good. Bad girls become good when wearing it, and good girls become very bad.

No girl has ever been better or more pure in heart than Charlotte Stannon, the reverend’s daughter, but when Reese and Tim, two loners at the church SWITCH her, will anyone be prepared for how depraved and slutty a church girl can become?


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Sunday is for most a day of rest and relaxation, but three can be counted on to work truly hard this Sunday and only one is working for a noble cause.

For the two loners outside of the church where Reverend Stannon preaches, their work is much more pleasure, and all thanks to the latest gaming technology from SINtendo, the SINtendo SWITCHbitch, which is both game and gaming apparatus in one.

Reese is the one who got the device, and as the good reverend preaches his final service of the day, little does he know that his own pure and moral flock have been the pawns in a truly twisted game of SWITCHbitch, the SINtendo device in the form of a metallic headband which can be slipped over the top of any woman’s head, instantly initiating a SWITCH of her innermost personality.

The worst a woman is, the better she becomes, and naturally the more pure and sweet she is, the dirtier and more depraved she is SWITCHed. So far their little game has Tim in the lead, having SWITCHed Julie the choir angel into a cock sucking whore, having SWITCHed Mrs. King the nursery attendant into a baby making slut, and her daughter into a fuck obsessed teenager only willing to sleep with married men.

Of course Reese knows best how the SWITCHbitch works and he has one final plan to win the game, the ultimate SWITCH. As the headband is placed on a woman it sends subtle charges to instantly begin permanently reversing morality, decency, self respect, flipping the innermost switches of the human mind, but in the meantime it numbs them to what is happening to them, making the good women of Reverend Stannon’s church easy pickings for the two loners in the parking lot, but the SWITCHbitch also saves up those it has touched, building the intensity of the SWITCH, and Reese has his eyes set on the one girl who can truly put his victory over the top, Reverend Stannon’s very own daughter.

Each Sunday Charlotte Stannon can be counted on to return to the church just before the last service ends, riding her bike with flowers to give out or hand to those her father usually meets with for a brief church meeting in his office. She is without a doubt the sweetest, kindest, and most innocent girl in town, everyone loving her, but lust is the word for sinful loners like Reese and Tim.

Even if Tim knows he’s likely losing the game, there’s no doubt in his mind it’s going to be the best way to lose, since SINtendo SWITCHbitch feeds off the goodness, and makes the woman only more wicked and sinful.

Just how extreme will things become when Charlotte rides up and Reese surprises her with a supposed gift of a new headband? Just how twisted and depraved can a good girl become?

Find out in the tale that introduces SINtendo SWITCHbitch to the world, and shows that world just how fun it can be.. so much more fun than any other gaming SWITCH out there.


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