Jun 05 2015

The Final Fertile Fields of Imagination

The Fertile Fields of Imagination by Kris P. Kreme

The Fertile Fields of Imagination by Kris P. Kreme

Riley Sloane has taken a journey through depravity in the small town of Fertile Fields. He has witnessed innocence corrupted and purity drowned in lust. He has seen impossible technology and lurid fantasies made real.

He hasn’t seen anything yet. Fate has led him to Niles Loarey, a man every bit as mysterious as Riley, a man on the opposite end of the spectrum from the good Riley represents.

Can Riley destroy the trap that is Fertile Fields or will he find a truth beyond his own imagining? Find out in the final pages of this epic tale.

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They once said that in the Fertile Fields of Imagination anything is possible and the same can quite possibly be true of the mysterious town of Fertile Fields. A town found on no maps but found by all at some point in their lives, Fertile Fields exists separate from the reality most will ever know.

Roads lead in but no roads lead out and all roads lead to one place in Fertile Fields, a place no one goes, and a place the locals believe no one returns from. That place is a mansion on a mountain that shouldn’t exist and that mansion belongs to Niles Loarey, the man behind the power in Fertile Fields.

Riley Sloane has lived his life helping others, possessing a unique talent even he never fully understood, only knowing that his life as a wanderer, as a loner, has put him on the road to where he needed to be. That road like many led to Fertile Fields, a place where fantasies come true but perversity and depravity reign supreme.

Having witnessed the insanity firsthand, Riley knows why he is here, how he is to help the citizens of Fertile Fields and it all comes down to the ultimate confrontation with the mysterious man behind it all, the man everyone fears and no one questions.

Niles knows he is coming, and has even opened the gate, a welcome invitation but when Riley arrives at the most impossible home he ever has seen, the last thing he expects is to find a woman desperate to leave.

Dedicated to helping, Riley can put his final face off aside, if only to help get the lovely young Emma Jean out of this twisted place, a literal fun house without the fun.

However, something isn’t quite right about Emma Jean, something Riley knows is both connected to his past and his future. In Fertile Fields, your imagination can run away with you, but can Riley discover the truth in time to reset the clock? Can he fight past the illusion of lust to come face to face with the man who walks in shadows and runs the impossible town of Fertile Fields?

Find out the twisted truth behind this twisted town and discover the true connection between Riley Sloane’s destiny and Fertile Fields’ past. The tale of the century is finally ending and all secrets will be revealed, revelations too impossible to believe, but easy to conceive of in The Fertile Fields of Imagination.


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