May 29 2015

It’s always a good time for a change

The Changing Room by Kris P. Kreme

The Changing Room by Kris P. Kreme

Bekah and Megan are close sisters, having put up with many moves living with their dad. The latest move has them in a new town but this town seems to at least have a nice clothing store worth browsing.

A comment from Megan about how slutty the clothes would probably make Bekah look begins a challenge and more than a couple visits to the changing room to prove her wrong.

When Bekah refuses to accept that Megan was right and she looks slutty, is it all a game or has more than just Bekah’s clothing changed?

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Bekah and Megan are used to moving and finding new places to shop. This time they are very new in town, barely having unpacked from the latest move with their dad. Taking time away from the boxes, the siblings decide to browse selections at a local clothing store called Perception. However, as Megan will soon discover, much more than Bekah’s perception is about to change.

All of the women’s clothing seems to be rather skimpy, but when Bekah finds a style of tank top she likes, Megan can’t believe she doesn’t see the problem with wearing it. First of all, Daddy would have a fit and second of all, as she is quick to point out, Bekah has enjoyed a rather generous recent growth spurt up top.

Bekah, however, seems insistent that the top would look fine and while fitted, not be too bad or inappropriate. In order to prove it, she finds the nearest changing room, a small enclosure at the center of the store.

A few minutes later, Bekah emerges proudly wearing her chosen green tank top, and Megan is only ready for the sister to admit that she was right as usual. Bizarrely though, Bekah seems to love how it looks, no mention of the way it wraps her breasts so tightly it seems anything but proper or dignified.

So she has big breasts, Bekah complains, everyone likes big breasts. Megan is sure her sister is playing some sort of game, though she isn’t sure what it might be, especially when she decides the rest of her outfit needs a change to better match the top. One more visit to the changing room and Bekah has a nice short skirt to go with the fitted top, a skirt Megan says completes the look as their daddy is fond of saying of a teenage harlot.

Bekah doesn’t care, and the usual levelheaded girl hardly flinches at the comments, not even when Megan explains that harlot means whore. As she puts it, she’d never charge a guy, but something definitely needs to be done about her shoes.

As the joke continues and Bekah takes an innocent trying on of clothing to new extremes, Megan gets more and more worried about their dad showing up to pick them up, finding even one of his precious daughters dressed in such a way. But is this really a joke… and will Megan ever be able to talk some fashion sense into her stubborn older sister?

At Perception, they say Change your Clothing, Change your Perception, but much more may be changing for sisters Bekah and Megan when their shopping is done.


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