Be careful where you point that thing

Flesh Photography by Kris P. Kreme

Flesh Photography by Kris P. Kreme

Mia just wanted an old film camera to go with her creative attempt at dressing like an old reporter. She figures if her girlfriends get a little embarrassing with their public displays of affections, she can snap them out of it with a flash to the face.

But the camera she finds in an off campus junk store comes with a story she never expected, and even if she only gets the flash working, that flash may do more than temporarily blind those she uses it on.

A nice night in the woods with friends quickly gets out of hand thanks to her flash photography, but will Mia uncover the truth behind this mysterious camera or will turning the flash on herself take her where she never imagined?


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As a freshman art major, Mia always likes to put some creative thought into her Halloween costumes, and this year she knows she has just the perfect one.

With a couple of girlfriends who are always annoying her with too many public displays of affection with their boyfriends, Mia has just the way of dressing the part to keep them well aware of how much such displays bother her. She’s going to be an old-fashioned reporter, vintage clothing, old style, and if she can find one, an old film camera with a working flash that she can snap away in the faces of her friends when they get a bit too competitive in the kissing and hugging with their guys.

It’s a subtle costume at best, but then Mia never cared for the constantly sexy excuses for costumes most college girls wear. That’s how she ends up at the dusty old junk store off campus.

Mia is hoping that among all the old junk the little old man carries, there will be a film camera that still has a working flash on it. But when Mia asks the little old man if he has a film camera, working or not, but preferably with a flash, he almost seems disturbed.

It turns out he does have one old film camera, one he would love nothing more than to get rid of, and this old film camera comes with a story. Reportedly belonging to an old cult leader way back decades ago, this camera is the last remaining artifact of a time the old man has been trying to forget for most of his life.

The cult leader supposedly had a charm like no other and corrupted those who followed him. There were claims he made bargains with demons to open portals to other realms, claims he was simply a mesmerist and conman who could make one believe whatever he said. This cult leader charmed the old man’s friends and they were never seen again. But twenty years later, someone claiming to be that cult leader’s son showed up back in town, wanting to sell the camera for quick cash, saying he had some coeds to show a good time to.

Soon after, those coeds disappeared as well as the supposed son of the cult leader, no one ever knowing where. But all of this is just superstition and stories, right?

Mia can’t imagine that an old camera, no matter where it came from, or who sold it to the old junk shop, can’t actually hold evil within it… can it?

Reluctantly the old man agrees to let Mia have the camera, but only if she promises to never try and use it. As he puts it, never load film into it, never try to use it. But Mia never planned to use it anyway, so even if there is something to his fears, no harm can come from simply using the flash, right?

Of course when Mia meets up with her friends Lucy and Julia, along with their boyfriends at a campfire that night just off campus, how could she know that there is much more to this camera than anyone could imagine?

It’s quickly apparent that flashing the camera in the faces of her friends is not distracting them, at least not in the ways she intended. Nearly immediately after the first flash in her friends’ arguing faces as they bicker about being the better girlfriend, Mia is seeing her friends only bicker more, and about obscene things they ordinarily never would say… even a little drunk at a Halloween gathering.

Figuring they must be competing for attention, not wanting to be a part of even hearing the crude words Lucy and Julia are saying to each other, Mia finds herself heading over to the girls’ boyfriends. But when arguing among her friends gets downright indecent, Mia has to intervene and has to keep those boyfriends from gawking. Flashing her camera in their eyes, she never notices the change in those eyes.

Will Mia realize the camera flash is somehow corrupting her friends before it’s too late? Will Mia discover where this camera truly comes from, just where that cult leader vanished to along with coeds throughout the years? And what could possibly happen if Mia turned the flash on herself?

It’s Halloween with the Kreme, so make some mayhem and memories, but don’t forget to take pictures. Just make sure the flash is working and you might just get some truly memorable Flesh Photography, if your imagination is fertile enough.


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