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Curse of the Cow Costume by Kris P. Kreme

Curse of the Cow Costume by Kris P. Kreme

Happy innocent Amelia is a pretty redhead excited about finally having a get-together after the pandemic. It may be just a Halloween week party with her parents and a couple of old friends of her dad’s but to her it’s much more.

She’s always been the sweetest most positive girl out there, and she is going to wear a Halloween costume for it, but it has to be just the right one. At an old woman’s store she finds something called The Happy Cow, a cute innocent looking costume that is not spooky or scary at all.

But is there more to the supposed curse that has this costume marked half off? Could wearing the cow costume somehow turn Amelia into a horny happy little moo cow?


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Amelia is the sweetest girl, trusting even in a time when trust seems short-lived, hopeful when times seem hopeless, and always ready to smile and make others happy. That’s exactly the attitude the beautiful redhead has when she goes to shop for her Halloween costume this year.

Having done her research on the best places to find deals, Amelia ends up at a small out of the way spot browsing cluttered aisles, looking for just the costume for her since her family is having an actual get-together with a couple of friends after over a year of pandemic isolation.

Sifting through all the scary costumes, Amelia is thrilled when she comes across the cutest costume ever, one fittingly labeled The Happy Cow. It’s adorable, she thinks, a spandex like thinly furred cow print material, a little cow pattern frilly skirt; it’s the perfect costume for her.

But when Amelia takes her chosen costume to the old woman that owns the store, she is told that the Happy Cow costume is half off because of the curse. Amelia thinks it’s pretty silly, something about a curse that only affects the wearer if they wear it the week of Halloween. After all, why would she not wear a costume during the week of Halloween?

It’s a real bargain though at only $10 so Amelia happily pays and is eager to try it on that very night before her parent’s party with a couple of friends the next day.

That evening while her parents are out late, Amelia tries on the costume and just as she expected, it’s super comfy and really cute. Although there are parts of it that seem a little sexy, more than she’d normally go for, at least it covers her completely, not like so many of the costumes for girls her age these days, ones she definitely wouldn’t be comfortable in front of her parents or uncle, or her dad and uncle’s two closest friends at the party the next day.

When Amelia decides to take some selfies and post them, she thinks everyone will love the cute cow costume but of course so many of her friends can be cynical, one of them commenting no, just no, another saying she should just go topless if she’s wanting to give guys something to fantasize about.

But Amelia has always been far too trusting and innocent to even understand what her friends are being so sullen about. She’s not even showing any cleavage wearing it. So putting social media aside, she lays back and enjoys the warm costume, but that is when she realizes how snug it is, especially across the chest.

Figuring putting it on was good since she can properly stretch it out to fit better the next day, soon Amelia has fallen asleep. Waking up hours later, she barely mumbles about how tight the costume feels, reaching over to turn her light out, managing to just pop the spandex straps down her arms and at least wiggle her chest free. But in her half sleep state, laying there all night, Amelia never realized how much time she spent massaging her chest, dreaming of being a happy cow, never seeing just how big her breasts were constantly getting until she woke the next morning.

Will Amelia discover just why cows are so happy? Will she offer more than just drinks at the party? And what will her family think as the Curse of the Cow Costume spreads with every dripping spattering drop of fresh Amelia milk she soon is sharing?

Halloween with the Kreme means choosing the right costume, and as long as it makes you happy, be sure and milk the most out of the entire month!


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