SINtendo gobbles up HallowKreme

SINtendo Ms. Suc-man by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Ms. Suc-man by Kris P. Kreme

Landon thinks Halloween is ruined when he is grounded. Given some quarters and told to enjoy his dad’s old Ms. Pac-man machine, a lightning strike at just the right time links that machine with a corrupted twisted version of the game on it to some teenagers sneaking into the notoriously haunted house across the street from his.

Chloe and her friends were sneaking into Midnight Mansion to see if it’s really haunted, but they might find themselves haunted, possessed by a game they never asked to be a part of, a game called Ms. Suc-man where Chloe hunts her friends one by one and sucks them off completely… only to worry what happens when those friends are the ones hunting her.


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Landon and his family have just moved into a new home, right across the street from the most notoriously haunted houses in town. Normally that might be a perfect thing for Halloween night but not this Halloween as Landon is grounded, no friends, no going out, no computer, no nothing. But as frustrating as that is, could his parent’s suggestion that he have some fun playing his dad’s old Ms. Pac-man arcade machine actually make tonight a fun night he won’t soon forget?

Little does Landon know that as he deals with the frustration of being cooped up alone as his parents go out for the evening, across the street some costumed teenagers are sneaking into the place everyone called Midnight Mansion to snoop around and see what the place really has going on.

The lone girl, Chloe has always been protected by her big brother like friends, Ian, Bennett, Patrick, and Clyde. But tonight she may get something exactly the opposite of protection as a fluke lightning strike happens to connect all them up to that grounded kid across the street in his basement, plugging in his dad’s old arcade machine.

Dressed as a fifties housewife in polka-dotted blue with a red bow in her hair, Chloe seems almost fitting for a game she never knows she will be playing. After all, her friends all did the bare minimum with their costumes, simple colored shirts to signify they are the ghosts from Pac-man. Yet a perfectly timed lightning strike sends more than just sparks flying as Chloe and her friends are left in darkness across the street, Landon freaking out that he somehow broke his dad’s favorite arcade machine.

Relieved at first to see the little demo screen on the pixelated machine, Landon quickly realizes that something is very wrong. Instead of the usual little characters wandering the maze, there are pixelated guys wandering with colored shirts, and one pixelated but sorta cute girl with a blue dress and red bow. Even stranger, somehow the title of the game has changed to be Ms. Suc-man which nervously makes Landon laugh.

Figuring that somehow the lightning messed up the graphics on the old game, Landon is still bored so decides to see how this game plays, and that is when the real fun begins.

Across the street while everyone had split up to find the power breaker and restore some lights to the old empty haunted house, Chloe is shocked as bright glowing orbs appear. Could Midnight Mansion really be haunted and these ghostly orbs be proof of that? But then if it’s haunted why is Chloe helpless to control her own body, walking up to one of the glowing floating orbs and pressing her mouth to it.

Sucking down the dot, back at his house Landon is having a fun time, realizing how almost kinky the gameplay looks, a cute but pixelated girl stopping to suck down each dot she comes to in the maze. He wonders what happens when she eats the ghosts and back across the street Chloe is about to find out as she comes across the first of her friends, those four big protectors that have always kept her out of trouble.

While none of them can see the floating orbs Chloe helplessly is consuming, they each will see very clearly what Chloe does when grabbing hold of them. Sucking and sucking in ways that first each boy absolutely loves, Chloe is sucking them to death, leaving deflated empty husks of her friends around Midnight Mansion… but little does she know this is all a game and while she may win this one, the game starts over in the end.

Will Landon win his game and will that old arcade game leave him most unexpectedly aroused? And across the street will Chloe and her friends ever get out of Midnight Mansion, or are they trapped to forever play a kinky twisted version of a game everyone knows but never knew like this?

It’s Halloween with the Kreme, and there are all sorts of haunts out there to enjoy, but some games are more haunting to enjoy than others, especially ones from SINtendo.


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