There are always clowns at HallowKreme

Max absolutely hates clowns, but his sexy girlfriend Bailey loves them and thinks they are truly swell. They both may find out just how ironically true such a belief is when Max lets Bailey drag him off into a part of the carnival no one is meant to explore.

Clowns Are Swell by Kris P. Kreme

Clowns Are Swell by Kris P. Kreme

While trying to talk sense into Bailey, she discovers a chair, seemingly just another prop for use by the clowns that run this traveling carnival. But this chair may just be the secret of how one becomes a clown… and Max might be helpless to watch as his girlfriend goes from clown lover to clown lover.

Clowning around has never been so terrifying, or so fun as it is this Halloween with the Kreme.


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The chill in the air this October isn’t what has Max nervous, not as he and his girlfriend Bailey line up with the crowd filing out of the traveling carnival one night. It’s the simple fact that this carnival is run by clowns and the absolute creepiness of all things clown that has Max anticipating a quick exit.

But Bailey has always loved pushing her boyfriend’s buttons and she’s more than aware that he has never liked clowns. As they file out, the chill of darkness, the colorful tents all around them, a clogged funnel of people near the exit, Bailey insists that clowns are swell, beginning a rather teasing debate over whether they are nothing but creepy as Max insists or whether they are swell as the sexy Bailey insists.

When Bailey laughingly points out how her boyfriend isn’t so brave to be creeped out by clowns, he says he is, but that only pushes the thrill seeking Bailey to run off, dragging her boyfriend with her, wanting to see how brave he really is.

If he’s really brave than he wouldn’t mind sneaking into a tent they shouldn’t be in, but Max knows this is a very bad idea. As much as he just wants to leave, Bailey is only enjoying it more and more, the two of them creeping around in a large tent full of clown props and other items used in their various acts.

Knowing they will get in trouble, Max tries to talk reason into his playful girlfriend, but once she has her mind on something, there’s no reasoning with Bailey. And she wants to prove how swell clowns can be.

But when the two of them come across something covered in a black cloth on a little stage, they never could imagine that what is underneath will forever redefine their relationship and answer once and for all whether clowns are creepy or swell in ways they never knew possible.

Pulling off the cloth, Bailey discovers a clown chair, or more specifically a bright orange and white striped armchair, seemingly nothing more. Goofing around in it, trying to tease her boyfriend and look sexy doing it, Bailey is taunting him when their luck finally ends and two of the most menacing clowns in the carnival catch them where no one should be.

Bailey always liked clowns, but did she like them enough to become one? And what will the process of becoming a clown do to her beautiful body? What will those clowns do with Bailey in front of her terrified boyfriend… and will he finally see the benefit of clowning around?

It’s Halloween with the Kreme, and nothing scares quite like a clown, but there’s also nothing quite like a clown to make balloons so much more fun, and Bailey might end up having quite the fun pair of balloons before ever leaving the carnival again.


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