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Fertile Fotos by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Fotos by Kris P. Kreme

When Abigail Jacobs gets word of a modeling gig arranged by her agent to be the face of an entire town on billboards leading into it, she knows that this is her big break.

Only eighteen, she has modeled since the age of three, and now just in time she will be on the road to becoming a top name in professional modeling.

But this big break may in fact be a break from reality, on the road to a town where many roads lead but no roads lead out of. The truth will lie behind the lens of the photographer, a mysterious man named Niles Loarey, who Abigail has no idea is recreating a town called Fertile Fields.

She may end up more popular than she was ever expecting.


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Abigail Jacobs has modeled since before she could walk, and finally she thinks, her big break has come at the age of eighteen. Her parents were always supportive of her modeling and faced with a decision of college and her future, this is the perfect time for the modeling job that will put her on the map.

Only she has no idea that modeling for a mysterious photographer named Niles Loarey may end up taking her so far off the known map to a place called Fertile Fields.

Her parents out of town, Abigail is on the phone with her agent Manny, assured that this Niles guy has been vetted and checked out as a crazy eccentric creative type, definitely a big deal, and according to Manny Niles represents an entire town that wants her to represent them on billboards.

Billboards will be seen by everyone traveling the roads into this mystery town, a town she isn’t told about, only explained it’s a town looking for growth and one ready to give her a lifetime contract as the face all will look up to and associate with them. It’s a big deal because this isn’t merely a catalog or an advertisement in a magazine most will throw away or forget in a matter of months. This is a multiple billboard contract for the life of the town, something that could carry Abigail’s career for many years and make her more popular than she can imagine.

But are there things Abigail could never imagine, places she never has dreamed of going, a popularity she would never ask for? The answer to all may lie behind the lens of Niles Loarey, an odd man, a man who has a warehouse downtown set up for the photo shoot, a few rather strange assistants who seem varying degrees of anxious about the modeling Abigail Jacobs is there to do.

A fresh face, young, innocent, virginal and yet supple, according to Niles, Abigail is perfect, and the photos will show that perfection… but as those photos get snapped, the flash reveals more than she is prepared for. Were the assistants always dressed the way they are, were they always such country rural characters, and why is Abigail feeling less attached to the reality around her as Niles circles her taking pictures?

Is all of this merely a fading exhaustion from Abigail’s cutting back on eating just to ensure she looked perfect for this big break of hers… or is her big break in fact a break from reality into a warped and twisted world where she will be very very popular with every man in town, a town many have found their way to but rarely if ever found their way out of?

Readers Choice Month doesn’t need a billboard model to promote readers’ imagination, but it does need to stir things up with a few Fertile Fotos.


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