June will be manipulated

Flattening the Layers by Kris P. Kreme

Flattening the Layers by Kris P. Kreme

June lost all self-control after the last story, and it led to some of the most intense pleasure she ever felt.

But will she survive another story; can she ever hope to finish her work this month and retain her professional self-respect?

Casey has been manipulated and mistreated by his bitchy older stepsister one too many times, but hopefully this is the last, as he is forced to tweak images of Veronica in western attire so she can lie and say she was an extra on the television series Westworld.

But when a freak lightning strike leaves Veronica literally flat as a pancake, helplessly linked to the manipulated image of herself, will Casey finally feel the true power to manipulate her?


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June practically assaulted herself with violent groping after the last Tale from the Kreme, so twisted and turned on in her thinking she spent more time focusing on physical gratification than her usual intelligent reasoning and self-respect. But her month of work is little over halfway done and she knows there’s no avoiding getting right back to work.

The cost of her own future is at stake, which is one thing she has in common with the star of today’s tale, a high school senior named Casey, a guy whose entire future reputation is held in the bitchy crushing grip of his cruel stepsister Veronica.

Veronica barely became his stepsister two years ago, but this coming fall Casey’s entire senior reputation could be destroyed if he doesn’t do what he reluctantly agreed to do and help give her the college reputation she wants before her own fall semester. The problem is, as stormy as the forced relationship they have had to put up is, it never was as literally stormy as the sky outside on the night that finds Casey putting together altered images to fit the fiction Veronica plans on passing off as fact to her future classmates and professors.

Veronica was always the queen of campus in high school, and naturally Casey knows that means she can easily cinch his reputation on campus in the fall, but she didn’t get to be queen without embracing the power and cruelty is something she loves almost as much as her own reflection. She now intends to be the queen of college as well as grabbing an available theater scholarship by convincing the Theater professor that she worked as an extra in an episode of Westworld.

Of course to do that, she has a multi-step plan, and the first part is taking advantage of her annoying stepbrother’s uncanny talents, having him costume and alter images of her to fit the role she chose of western bounty hunter robot. As much as Casey tries to convince her that no one will believe she was an extra on that show, Veronica isn’t used to being told no, especially when she won a bet with him and this is what he has to do or else risk his future reputation with any girl in high school.

As the thunder and lightning crash, as Casey nervously tries to create the image Veronica wants of herself, just the right artificial smoothness to her skin, the obvious sex appeal that the show demands, but nothing of the whorish look she dismissed when he found the saloon girl costume for her, everything is getting tense… right up until Casey goes to print some images out for her.

In order to print the image, he’ll have to flatten the layers, and the last thing Casey wants is to start all over again if Veronica doesn’t like the images he created. But when she demands he print, flatten the layers, do whatever he has to… the press of the button to flatten those layers happens to coincide with the most massive lightning strike that sends the entire house into a brief but intense blackout.

Upon getting up from where he fell in the panic of the moment, Casey finds that fortunately when the lights come back on, the computer is fine, even better the image he’d slaved away on for Veronica is fine, but her complaints that she can’t get up lead to the craziest most impossible discovery ever.

Veronica is absolutely flattened on the floor, literally flat like a lifesize printout of herself. And even though she can talk and communicate, she can’t move or do anything else, which for once puts Casey in an interesting power position.

But when Casey discovers that by some twisted twist of fate the lightning strike linked Veronica up with the image of her, will he do the right thing and unflatten the layers to hopefully bring her back to three-dimensional reality… or will Casey have a little creative fun of his own as the storm passes over, perhaps apply that saloon girl costume and use other manipulation tools to further alter his bitchy controlling stepsister?

The storm may have carried them into the Kremey Zone, but these two will find that their future reputations can be forever altered, thanks to a little fluke lightning strike, and a lot of image altering fun.

The only real question is whether reading through a story like this will have June seeing herself through different layers. After all, nothing is truly finished until you’re done Flattening the Layers.


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