June should be reading more

Reading UP by Kris P. Kreme

Reading UP by Kris P. Kreme

June remains determined to focus on her work, to read and process, nothing else… but when she reads through the latest Tale from the Kremey Zone, she may be Reading UP the temperature that is pushing her further and further into a heat the summer can’t explain.

In the latest twisted tale, Dana is merely working away, cataloging reference books at the university library, when a friendly but lost doctor asks if she knows the way out of the stacks.

But in engaging this man in Konversation, will Dana be the one truly lost and stacked? Discussing a crazy theorem about retaining knowledge, Dana may just end up retaining less knowledge and more of something warm and sticky.


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June has been pushed to the limit of what her mind can handle, struggling to just push through the stories, one after another, each one seeming perverse in new and yet strikingly familiar ways. But she has hope on this one because it looks like a short one, and if she can just push through it without letting the words get to her, she knows she will be halfway done with this month from hell job she had no choice but to take.

But what is June to do when this story hits a bit close to home, featuring an attractive smart redhead working to catalogue the entire collection of reference books at her university library? June happens to be a smart redhead herself, a Master’s Degree proclaiming that even if her lacking employment and new living status don’t. She’s smart and determined to use her intelligence to maintain separation from the stories she reads… but can the same be said for Dana, the main character of this Tale from the Kremey Zone, a young woman never knowing the dangers of engaging a familiar psychologist and therapist in somewhat unique Konversation?

Dana has been pushing through cataloging many of the research books she herself has become quite familiar with in her time at the university, never knowing that a certain remote seldom visited corner of the library may just bring her face to face with the Kremey Zone.

Of course before she makes it there, she’ll be engaged by a friendly seeming man she first suspects is merely a visiting professor. He quickly mentions that he has long since been out of the teaching game, and just wished to check out such a majestic looking old library as the one she works in at the moment. He also admits, he got turned around and can’t find his way past the stacks and stacks to wherever the stairwell is.

When Dana quickly offers him precise directions, he makes the innocent compliment of her intelligence which begins a rather unusual but intellectual conversation about how miraculously the brain retains knowledge.

Since Dana has not only read most of the books she now catalogues, but is more than familiar with the many facts and theories they are about, the friendly doctor asks if she ever heard of something called the limited retainer theorem, an idea he explains that suggests the human mind can only retain so much knowledge before that knowledge must be moved elsewhere in the body to be stored often with diminishing consequences on the mind it originally came from.

To the brainy Dana it’s a somewhat fascinating if silly notion, that she enjoys talking about… but will the chatty doctor’s new idea be just a bit too much for the limited retainer of her highly intellectual brain to stand?

Will Dana find her knowledge overwhelmed by new concepts, all that she knows shifting to be quite stuffed and stored elsewhere in her attractive body? Will she slip past brainy into a truly busted degree of intelligence where little to nothing is left in her overloaded mind? Can she in fact become so smart she ends up a stupid big-boobed bimbo?

And will June be able to handle reading about a young woman so similar to herself whose respectful intellectualism truly went bust merely from what she put into her mind?

June O June may be half over for June, but that might just find her slipping and sliding further from who she used to be.


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