June needs to be careful about cheating

The CHEATcode by Kris P. Kreme

The CHEATcode by Kris P. Kreme

As June reads through another Tale from the Kremey Zone, she finds herself cheated of staying strong, especially when this tale takes kinky competition to a new level.

Innocent ten year old Billy may remain the only innocent in his family after a device he brings home for gaming plays games with their devotions.

The CHEATcode is a wifi enabled device that supposedly opens limitless cheat options in every video game out there. But the buzzing it sends out pushes into the thoughts of big sister Jessica, mother Kelly, and soon everyone the wifi reaches, inspiring them all to competitively cheat on their significant others.

June O June wont cheat readers out of this twisted tale!


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June O. took a job reading through stories in a twisted series called Tales from the Kremey Zone for some online author of perverse stories. It was a job she had little choice to accept, needing to pay the bills in her cheap but not inexpensive apartment… and unfortunately the job may be starting to get to her in ways she never imagined.

Embarrassed by her reaction to the last story, she’s starting to question who she is. Having vivid dreams about sordid things no self-respecting woman would, she is fighting with all determination to just focus on the job, read the stories, edit the stories, send the files for publication… and not lose herself in the process. For her the O in June O. stands for overcome, but will June be truly overcome by the latest in this month-long series?

Billy is a ten year old kid, or as his teenage sister likes to call him, a brat. But nothing gets to Billy, even if what he really loves may soon get to everyone else in his family.

On an otherwise ordinary Saturday that finds angsty eighteen year old Jessica enraged by her bratty little brother snooping in her room and mother Kelly upset that husband Burt has been called into work in a short while, Billy has brought something truly devastating into the house… even if he’s the least likely to know it.

A fierce gamer kid, Billy’s friend Bobby gave him a wifi device to try since Bobby’s big brother got in trouble for having and using it. Little other details are known to little Billy since all he cares about is that this device opens up limitless cheat options on every video game played in the house where it is plugged in.

So while Jessica is whining that Billy was spying on her, he truly has been innocently just looking for the place in the house with the strongest wifi signal, because that is where he plans to plug in a device called the CHEATcode.

What Billy could never imagine is that the CHEATcode sends out more than just signals to unlock cheats in his many video games… it sends out buzzing vibrations that may very well alter the thoughts of those with a significant other.

As Billy enthusiastically runs off to spend the day shut in his room cheating at every video game imaginable, his big sister Jessica is having it out with her mother by the sink, angry that her father had to use the only car, since hers is still in the shop, angry that she can’t go see her precious Richard, instead having to settle on inviting her boyfriend over later… stuck with her mother in some stupid bonding moment cleaning dishes from breakfast.

And yet the buzzing from the CHEATcode is quickly starting to change both of their tunes, as mother and daughter’s conversation slowly but surely escalates well past normal boundaries, discussions over the friendly black family next door, a man and his twin sons, turning their thoughts to a little cheating of their own.

But surely Kelly can’t encourage her daughter to go and openly cheat on her boyfriend Richard? Surely Jessica can’t enjoy talking about her mother cheating on her father with Barry, the neighbor boys’ father? As Billy plays away, never knowing his passion for cheating is unleashing passions in the rest of his family, will a summer Saturday get truly heated in all new ways for Kelly and Jessica, especially when they get nearly competitive for more than just the affections of Barry and his sons next door?

June may find herself cheated out of being strong enough to resist what reading these stories is doing to her as she struggles to complete The CHEATcode.


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