June could consider an update

upDATING by Kris P. Kreme

upDATING by Kris P. Kreme

Still working her way through the ten Tales from the Kremey Zone tales she has to edit and correct, June O. may be starting to find her thoughts not correct as the desires and lust are seeming to fill her every waking moment.

Relationships can be tough, and work to maintain, but James has been out of work too long, his hardworking girlfriend Natalie picking up the slacker’s slack.

Yet when an update mysteriously appears on his phone but not hers, even though they are identical phones, the features that updates offers may solve all of James’ troubles and more… even if it blows Natalie’s reality away.

June O June continues and it may just be upDATING how June sees herself.


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June O. is starting to seriously question whether staring at what she has been staring at, reading what she has been reading, is somehow starting to change the way she sees herself. It’s definitely changing the way she feels herself… or feels herself up, and that is concerning since she is a professional, a woman with a Master’s Degree… a woman worth respecting and not demeaning, even if she is starting to demean herself.

But she signed on for a month, ten stories to proofread and edit, and June O. never backed down from a challenge, especially one that also pays the bills. But will another story take its toll?

This time the Kremey Zone reaches out into the technological mysteries of phone updates. We all get them, we all deal with them, often more than we would like… but what if one update came that wasn’t for everyone? What if an update added features every man ever wanted, and solved his problems in ways neither he nor his nagging girlfriend were ever prepared for?

James has been a slacker most of his life, generally taking the easy way whenever it presented itself. He also lives with a hot little brainy girl named Natalie who likes to pick up the slack and with James being unemployed for a while, she’s tired of being the only one paying the bills. So naturally the situation isn’t too happy the morning she finds James looking for his phone in their apartment.

Complaining, nagging, being a bit bitchy, Natalie is always rubbing things in James’ face, but when he finds his phone and mentions that it has an update available, she turns things up a notch, insisting that there can’t possibly be an update available for his phone. After all, they have the exact same model phone, and there’s no update available on hers.

But James takes the opportunity to finally prove Natalie wrong, showing her that there is in fact an update and clearly despite her confusion at why he would have an update, his phone must just be better than hers. Naturally that starts an all new argument, and James grumbles, rolling his eyes, starting his update while she insists his phone probably just has a glitch or something.

Moving on since it’s her day off and she intends to meet up with some friends, Natalie brings up the idea that maybe dating just isn’t for the two of them, their differences, his lacking slacker attitude, and James insists they can rekindle the romance or something, his girlfriend quick to point out there’d have to be romance in the first place to rekindle it.

Yet when his phone update completes, the status of their relationship may drop to secondary as his phone presents all new mysteries, ones James may find all too eager to explore.

Updated to something called IOS 69DD, Natalie points out that isn’t a normal update, that they don’t number them like that. James is more interested in a new feature on the phone called a Reality Setting, something that seems to link through wifi to nearby phones like hers.

Ignoring her insistence that there can’t possibly be reality settings on a phone, James soon discovers his updated phone can somehow alter reality… and he’s quick to try it and finally prove he is right about something, only to witness Natalie’s perky breasts massively swelling in her shirt.

Claiming it is impossible, Natalie is staggering under all new weight, and James is proving she isn’t as smart as she thinks… at least after tapping down the settings of her brain.

But what else can James do with his updated phone? And what else will all the stress Natalie has been putting him under inspire him to change about her soon to be sexy little reality settings?

He might just have stumbled upon the perfect job, one that soon brings in more money than her hardworking butt ever did… even if it’s her bringing in the money in a way the smart brainy Natalie never would have dreamed of doing before.

Things may have been on the skids for dating but thanks to a mysterious phone update, James will soon be upDATING his girlfriend like never before and she won’t remember a thing.

Updates can change, enhance, and add features… but will reading through upDATING change, enhance, and add fantasies that June O. can’t handle? Is she starting to embrace a new lust that may just be her undoing? Find out as June O June continues.


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