June might make a scene

The WeddinGAG by Kris P. Kreme

The WeddinGAG by Kris P. Kreme

Reading through a series of Tales from the Kremey Zone tales, June O. is starting to question who she even is anymore?

Shawn has looked forward to his wedding day every bit as much as his beautiful bride Chelsea, but a poorly timed gag gift from the best man may lead to entirely redefining their future relationship. Unintentionally popping some ultra premium boner blast pills from Taiwan, someone is going to have to relieve Shawn if he walks anywhere, much less down the aisle.

Can Chelsea handle it, or will she be swollen with more than pride for her special day?

It’s June O June, and June may soon find the pleasure in the words bleeding off into her every thought.


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June O. is settling into her new job, though most of the job is truly unsettling. The twisted perverse words she finds herself reading, the characters and obscene actions have June questioning who she even is anymore. But will this difficult time in June’s life be taken advantage of by a power those words have that June is helpless to avoid? Find out as June O June continues with the ringing of wedding bells in the Kremey Zone.

The WeddinGAG finds Shawn nervous but excited on the day of his wedding, listening as the crowd gathers in the adjoining sanctuary, getting dressed in the room set aside for the groom. He knows that not too far away, his beautiful blonde bride Chelsea is doing the same, and soon they will be married after she does what she has dreamed of since she was a little girl, walks up that all-important aisle.

But Shawn’s best man Jeff may become the worst when he plays a practical joke on Shawn with little time to recover before the wedding. Jeff has never liked Chelsea, mostly because Chelsea never gave him a chance to even go out with her, claiming she wasn’t ready to date, then nearly immediately taking a date with Shawn, one that led to the all-important date they now find themselves a part of.

Nervous, it isn’t difficult for Shawn to be talked into some generic stress pills to help him relax… but as Shawn rather quickly discovers, Jeff swapped out the stress pills for something called ultra premium boner blast pills from Taiwan, pills reportedly to get a man so hard he’d make a Clydesdale blush.

The nice wedding suit pants are nearly instantly tented, and worse, Shawn discovers quickly that it is not going down, and in fact only getting thicker and harder to a point he is falling onto his knees in pain. He can’t even walk, much less walk up the aisle where he is supposed to be waiting for the wedding to commence, and as Shawn barely saves ruining his wedding suit to free a dick a thick as his forearm and nearly as long, he is desperate for whatever help there is.

Jeff is mostly amused since this is all his planned little gag, though little definitely doesn’t fit as Shawn took more pills than are recommended and is rather freakishly off balance and panicking more than ever before his wedding. But that just leads to the next part of Jeff’s fun, going and getting Chelsea, knowing she’ll have to help her future husband out or else the wedding is off.

Telling Chelsea that Shawn is having a serious fitting issue in the groom’s room, the blushing bride is soon blushing a lot more as she faces the monster Jeff’s gag has created. With no other options available, Chelsea reluctantly agrees that the only way to keep the wedding on time, she’ll have to take care of it… and so Jeff leaves to let future husband and wife celebrate the big day a little early.

But will a little oral attention be enough to tame the beast Shawn suddenly has? Will the pleasure be every bit as massive as his dick and spur Shawn into looking at Chelsea an entirely new way? And just how will Chelsea walk down the aisle when Shawn’s fitting problem leads to her simple white dress no longer fitting the way it should?

One thing is certain, all of their family and guests will soon see just how full of joy a bride can be on her wedding day, and the words gag gift will live up to the very definition of GAG in all new ways.

Prepare yourselves, readers, for another trip into the Kremey Zone… but can June O. possibly prepare herself for what these stories are starting to do to her?


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