June doesn’t know what she’s getting into

Ghosted by Kris P. Kreme

Ghosted by Kris P. Kreme

A young woman named June O. has all new work to do, reading through a series of Tales from the Kremey Zone, checking them before publication, but will the stories start to break down everything June stands for?

First up, a twisted tale of sinful spooky SINtendo, Ghosted, which finds Brad and his girlfriend Jackie playing a VR game where they become ghosts and haunt Jackie’s bitch of a stepmother Lisa. But will their haunting ruin more than Lisa’s body after possessing it? Will the teens find that ending the game doesn’t end the fun?

It’s June O June, and by the end of the month, poor June may no longer care what the O stands for as reading the Kreme leaves her moaning Ohhh… for more.


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June O. has never backed down from difficult decisions, and that’s how she found herself starting the month of June with no shortages of decisions to make. Dumped by her boyfriend, kicked out, finding herself in a new crappy apartment where the rent is sky-high, June took the first job she could find online… editing and proofreading stories for some internet author named Kris P. Kreme. But will reading these stories start to have an effect on the highly intelligent woman who has always been independent and celebrated her education and strength?

Put together under a common series called Tales from the Kremey Zone, each of these tales pulls the sanity from reality, twisting the characters’ lives in all manner of kinky ways and first up is a tale called Ghosted.

Eighteen year old Brad is super excited to show his girlfriend Jackie what his older brother gave him, but that excitement hits a speed bump when he finds Jackie pouting angrily on her porch and discovers that once again she has had it out with her hot Latina stepmother, Lisa.

Never one to interrupt, Brad holds the box he was so excited about and listens as Jackie rants about Lisa being a total bitch, the stepmother refusing to allow them the upcoming lake date they’d planned for the weekend, saying that Jackie would turn into some stupid whore alone with her boyfriend at the lake.

The truth is, Jackie and Brad haven’t even been dating that long, and the relationship isn’t about sex and with Brad’s lack of taking initiative it might never be.

With Jackie’s dad out of town, there’s no one else to appeal to and Jackie has tried giving Lisa space, then texting but Lisa is being more a bitch than ever by ghosting Jackie completely.

But at the mention of being ghosted by her stepmother, Brad is brought back to his excitement, because his older brother hooked him up with a cool VR game, two fancy headsets, so each of them can play. The game is called Ghosted, and while Jackie doesn’t get what the big deal is, questioning why VR headsets would only have one game on them, Brad is insistent that his older brother knows some older gamer dude their parents’ age named Kevin and the guy apparently knows extreme gaming.

With nothing else to do for the evening, the sun setting as they sit on the porch, Jackie agrees that sulking isn’t calming her down. So putting on the headsets, they decide to play a game of Ghosted.

Instantly they find themselves in a virtual world very much like the real world, at least their immediate surroundings. And they have been freed from their bodies into ghostly mist, able to pass through solid objects and fly, twisting and reshaping as only ghosts can do. It’s remarkably real feeling and unique, and the goal of the game is to haunt someone to their defeat.

Since the game world recreated a perfect image of Jackie’s actual house, they float inside to find that somehow it also created Lisa, as real as ever inside, and Jackie knows who they will haunt and destroy in this game, getting her revenge for being ghosted about their weekend plans.

But is this game more than just a game? Will they take things too far with possessing Lisa’s body and using it, abusing it, all to destroy it and win the game? And what will playing this game do to Brad and Jackie once they take those headsets off?

Find out in the first tale of a whole new Kreme monthly special, reading along with June O. who may find the stories slowly changing her attitude and much more. First up from the Kremey Zone is a spooky SINtendo tale like no other… Ghosted.


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