Get ready to meet June O – A new Kreme Series

Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Just ask June O. She’s a tough as nails independent smart young woman who’s dealt with a breakup and being kicked out of her boyfriend’s apartment, on her own with a whole new job to pay the sky high rent she is dealing with at her crappy new apartment.

And just what is this job June O. has taken on, with her Master’s Degree, and respectable reputation of diligence and focus? Why June O. happens to be editing and proofreading stories for a certain online writer of all things truly twisted. And this month’s assignment finds June having to read through ten twisted Tales from the Kremey Zone, stories of madness and mayhem when least expected in only the most sinfully seductive ways.

But will June maintain her professionalism as the stories start to get to her? Will June O. keep her mantra that the O stands for Outstanding, and she will overcome everything to do her absolute best in succeeding? Or will June begin to find herself overcome by the insanity in the perverse stories she reads? Will it consume her mind, her soul, and eventually her body?

June O June

Find out in a Brand New Yearly Series destined to take readers into a world beyond reality, a place where anything and everything can happen… The Kremey Zone. Featuring TEN brand new Tales from the Kreme you’ve all been waiting for, with twists and turns you won’t see cumming!

And remember to save your appetite because July is Readers Choice Month, where another FIFTEEN brand new tales will be waiting to carry you through the hottest months of the year!