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Artificial Attractions by Kris P. Kreme

Artificial Attractions by Kris P. Kreme

June knew she was attractive; she just never obsessed over her most attractive features. But reading and editing these stories has pushed her beyond reason, and soon it may take her sanity.

Reading the tale of a woman’s obsession over being wanted, may push June to wants she never knew she had.

Sabrina spent her life ignored, unattractive, and unpopular. But after years researching and finding a forgotten text, a spell book, she will cast a spell to physically perfect herself, and make her body irresistible to men.

But what happens when the men fighting over her see her as little more than a sex toy to enjoy? Will Sabrina become the toy no man could ever ignore again?


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June has been reading Tales from the Kremey Zone all month and after six stories she read with enough attention to edit and correct, she’s starting to change her opinion of who she is, and more importantly what matters to her most in this crazy world.

She’s been spending so much time familiarizing herself with the curves of her own body that those curves need a break, and that’s the perfect time for another story, another chunk out of her work load this month, but will this story send her mind spinning on obsessive thoughts over an entirely different kind of load?

In this twisted tale, we meet Sabrina, a woman with an entirely different and no less intense kind of obsession. She’s the kind of woman no one ever looked twice at, a woman ignored by other women, humiliated by her peers, and worst invisible to the opposite sex. But today all of that is going to change, because after years of obsessive research, Sabrina is ready to perform a spell.

Having studied countless occult texts, having researched and read over every supernatural story, Sabrina has finally found herself reaching for an dusty old book forgotten in the town library, a book smelling vaguely of sulfur, that contains the spell which will forever grant her what she always desired.

As Sabrina holds that powerful old spell book, one reputedly owned by an actual witch back in the early days of the witch trials, she has only one ambition, one desire all others revolve around. She will no longer be ignored, no longer be alone, and never would she be jealous of some bubble-headed bimbo getting all the men.

Pressing the palm of her hand to a symbol she has researched and found within the pages of this old book, Sabrina recites specific words she studied ten years to determine, and as the page warms beneath her touch, she expresses her deepest desire… to forever be desired. That is what Sabrina has plotted and planned years for, years of being invisible to men. She wants to embody the very height of desires for every man, to look as they want her to look, to be as they want her to be, to truly be fought over with such passionate uncontrolled lust that no man can resist her body.

And in the forgotten dusty corners of the town library, where no normal person ever goes, the spell is truly doing what she knew it would do, even her voice changing midway through her recantation of the spell, her plump unattractive body becoming curvy perfection, her skin blemish free, her breasts heaving with flawless bounce.

Finally, she thinks as she starts to leave the library, everyone gawking, women enviously looking her way, Sabrina knows what it is like to not be ignored. But she needs better clothing to show off the new body that spell has given her, and then she can experience the ravenous affection of her all new artificial attractions to men everywhere.

Of course even the best spell can have the worst unseen flaws, and Sabrina might just discover that flaw on the way out of the library, when a man named Ed and his son Evan enter the exit hall of the library right as she is nearing the doors.

The instant those men see her, Sabrina can only smile at the obvious lust in their eyes, the almost magical attraction they have to her sensual flawless form. Taking a moment to enjoy their affections, Sabrina thrives on the two quickly escalating in their competitive needs and desires for her. She knows that due to the spell they each see what they always wanted, the most perfect woman imaginable, and Ed doesn’t even care about his wife as Sabrina begins to consume the man’s thoughts, Evan demanding that a woman like Sabrina would only be interested in a young stud like him.

It’s something Sabrina never experienced and can’t get enough of, men… actual attractive men, fighting over her, pulling her one way or the other, wanting her so bad they can’t stand each other. But as the father and son get cruder and more demanding in their affections, as the spell obviously begins to overwhelm them, their handling of Sabrina gets less and less civil… and maybe that is what turns this dream into the beginnings of a strangely pleasurable nightmare for her.

After telling them to play nice, the men seem to see her as less of a slut to desire and more of a toy to play rough with… but will the spell truly make Sabrina that toy? Will Sabrina get the artificial attractions she always desired, but in quite literal ways? And who will win her hollow heart when Ed and Evan are practically pulling the doll she has become apart?

There’s a real desire that can sometimes lead to the most artificial endings, but will June O. be able to handle this ending? Or will she only sink further into the obsessive lusts of enhancing her already attractive body even more, losing her mind in the process?


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