June might be going mad

Udder Madness by Kris P. Kreme

Udder Madness by Kris P. Kreme

Something is happening to June O. and the O doesn’t just stand for the orgasms she has been giving herself. It doesn’t stand for overflowing, like her bras are doing. And she sure isn’t overcoming the obsessions these stories are leaving her with.

Will a story about Melanie, a woman with all sorts of stress who got holistic hypnosis therapy from a fertility doctor named Doctor Deep be the story that pushes June over the edge?

Melanie found saying a relaxation phrase while focusing on magazines embodying her imperfections somehow improved those imperfections. But when she accidentally sees some fetish porn magazines, will her life spiral into embodying just that kinky kind of fate?


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June is getting closer to losing her mind, and she already has lost the use of most of her bras. After reading through seven Tales from the Kremey Zone stories, beginning as a desperate but professional young woman seeking only enough funds to pay the bills in her crappy apartment… she now knows that her work is starting to spill over into her personal life… and her tits are looking closer to spilling out themselves.

After the last story even she can admit she gave them quite a workout, but no amount of groping could be entirely responsible for the swollen size that proves just a bit too big for her bras, can it? All she knows as she sits down to work on another story is that she got all dolled up, something that sends tingles after the last story, and at this point she isn’t even sure why she did it.

One thing she is sure of is that the O. in June O. may well soon stand for Ogle because that is what people will do if she can’t get a hold of herself.

And so begins another twisted tale, perhaps the most twisted thing always being that they begin normal enough. This one begins with a woman June could certainly relate to, a high stress high anxiety woman named Melanie.

Melanie had always been tense, someone who never found a remedy for stress that actually seemed to work, until the day she went to see Doctor Deep.

Doctor Deep was technically a fertility doctor, though he also dabbled in hypnosis and holistic therapy, and Melanie strangely found it was just the dabbling that seemed to do the trick for her stress. She drank some tea, spoke with him, and an hour later walked out feeling oddly calm and almost happy.

She’d always liked books, had spent more of her life in a book than in reality, and they were the places she found most relaxing, so in a way it made sense that Doctor Deep suggested she spend some time in a bookstore. As he had put it, she needed to find a place of comfort and look at books, look at magazines, confront the negatives in her life.

Only through confronting the negatives in life, would Melanie find her way to the positives, and feeling more than content, that is how Melanie walks into the small bookstore that day, only a couple other customers, some college kids looking at comics, and a clerk seeming busy unpacking boxes at the front.

She heads straight for the magazines, since where else can she easily confront the negatives than on the picture perfect covers of all the many magazines at the back of the store. Everyone else growing up had always seemed to pick up quite a knack for hair and makeup, for looking pretty, but Melanie never really could. So as she finds some fashion and beauty magazines, it’s quite easy to see some of the negatives in her life.

Doctor Deep had explained that the power of positive thinking could be quite powerful when exercised properly, and so he told her to focus on what stressed her, to believe that the stress could dissolve with positive thought. And when she begins the relaxation chants she was told to start with, Melanie might just find that positive thinking truly can work miracles.

Calm, cool, collected, she says, like a river, let the stress flow out… and as she is dwelling on how bad her hair looks compared to one of the models on a magazine, quite suddenly she is aware that her hair looks and feels so much smoother and silkier than it did when walking in the bookstore.

Moving on, she notices her nails as she picks up another magazine, testing the words yet again, relaxing and thinking positive… and sure enough a tingling sensation in her fingers is followed by the most beautiful styled nails she has ever had.

Somehow, and Melanie certainly isn’t going to question how, Doctor Deep seemed to truly unleash the power of positive thinking in her… and after going through fashion magazines, fitness magazines, and more, she walks confidently back towards the front of the store feeling like a new woman, feeling better than she has in a lifetime.

That is when she gets an idea, that if looking at magazines about what bothers her about herself can somehow improve herself, what would looking at multiple bills of money do? Could it possibly create more money and solve the biggest stress of anyone’s life?

Interrupting the man unpacking boxes behind the main register, Melanie asks if he can give her change for a ten, figuring she needs to really focus on multiple bills… but as he goes to do so, his clumsiness and the boxes he has been unpacking collide as the register drawer opens and knocks one of those opened boxes right at Melanie.

But just what will happen when the box spills its contents, and those contents just happen to be adult only magazines not meant to be publicly displayed? They’re crude fetish magazines, a topless woman with massive breasts leaking milk, the title of which she can’t help but notice, Udder Madness.

Will Melanie find the cost of her new positive thinking too high to pay? Will more than stress flow like a river? And will this be a day when very little reading is done in a bookstore soon closed to deal with one particularly top heavy and happy customer?

June O. may have begun the story clinging to decency and professionalism, but will this be the end of that when she is left with a desire her hands alone can’t take care of?


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