June might not be secure

Smart Security by Kris P. Kreme

Smart Security by Kris P. Kreme

June has experienced many firsts this month, from her first crappy apartment to her first desperate job she took without realizing the effects that job may have on her once respectable psyche.

But last night was the first time having sex with two complete strangers, her neighbors more than willing to give her the hammering she needed.

Will reading through a story about Smart Security, make her dumber than ever?

Huntington University has all new security features added to their athletic fencing… internal electrification, but does that feature fry more than brain cells, turning those unfortunate enough to touch it into horny uncontrolled chaos incarnate?


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June may never be the same again, and to think it all began with her being the strong independent woman who did what she had to just to make ends meet at the beginning of the month. Now it definitely isn’t ends she has been focusing on meeting, not after the last story she edited sent her on a horny visit to her apartment neighbors, two Med School guys who gave her body quite the thorough exam. And she never even got their names.

Why would reading these stories be doing this to her, and who is she anymore? Those are questions June O. needs to answer as she sits down for one of the last stories she contracted to read and edit this month. If she can’t straighten up and find the real June inside herself, the O might as well stand for Objectified.

But as June dwells on how unsafe her life has become, a story about campus security may just be what does her in for good.

Huntington University was always a prestigious center of learning, just short of Ivy League. The students, the staff, all were held to a higher standard and each held themselves to that same higher level as well. But Huntington University like so many centers of education found themselves dealing with the unfortunate needs for greater security.

That is how university president Terrance found himself heatedly discussing new security measures already being put in place by one of his top staff members, Franklin. Terrance believes Franklin may have just made a major mistake in approving the installation of new fencing around the athletic facilities, but as Franklin points out, the board already is well aware that there has been a rash of illegal access incidents across those very facilities. The company he spoke with only had an opening for installation right away, otherwise it would have been months of waiting as that company worked in other states across the nation.

They’ve been lucky at Huntington that the access so far has mostly been vagrants seeking a warm safe place to sleep for the night, but as Franklin points out, if someone got in and damaged or stole equipment, or even worse planted a bomb or something, the reputation of Huntington University as a safe elite school for the next generation would be ruined.

Unfortunately a lot about such a rush job makes Terrance nervous, and the fact this company doing an installation as they speak, some outfit called Security Management Utility Technicians, has worked abroad doesn’t calm him.

But as Franklin explains, the board shouldn’t be upset about any changes in look to the university athletic facilities. The company doesn’t install new fencing, what they do is retrofit the current fencing, to electrify it with a revolutionary new security feature called internal electrification.

Contrary to Terrance’s concerns over student electrocution, the fencing doesn’t endanger whoever touches it. It simply inhibits illegal entry with internal electrical fields, using the electricity already inside the body safely but severely to keep the athletic facilities secure.

But the very group installing such revolutionary security are quite notoriously known the world over. They do in fact work abroad, but that usually means working a broad over, in corrupting depraved manners. And unfortunately for a couple of Huntington students, Polly and her boyfriend Andrew, tonight will be the night they discover how fun it can be to be unsafe.

Planning to sneak into the tennis courts for a late night practice, because Polly has an athletic scholarship she needs to secure and has just made regionals, Andrew isn’t sure about climbing over the fence… especially after Polly touches it and sparks fly from her gripping hands, her body flopping about, then seeming to go completely still with her back against the fence.

But in trying to rescue his girlfriend, Andrew feels the flow of internal electricity and reacts much differently than her, all according to a nefarious plan by a terrorist organization definitely not looking to secure this reputable campus.

Will Polly get the workout she wanted, in ways she never imagined? Will Terrance and Franklin save the students from their security mistakes? Or will all of them find this new Smart Security giving them very horny and dumb ideas?

One thing is without question, reading through it might give June some very dumb ideas of her own.


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