The Imps have something to say…

A Serious Konversation about Impmas by Kris P. Kreme

A Serious Konversation about Impmas by Kris P. Kreme

It’s a Krismas Kross-over like never before when the ousted temp imps Clyde and Seymour try to regain favor with Santa by heading to a human mall, intending to prove themselves to Santa’s helper there.

Meeting a talkative man dressed as Santa, the three share a serious conversation which turns into a walking interview where Clyde and Seymour will demonstrate their magic on random shoppers, the talkative man explaining away everything to whoever those shoppers are with.

The temp imps are going to leave a permanent wake in their path of perverse wish granting magic, and it’s definitely something everyone will be talking about for quite a while.


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Clyde and Seymour were once temp imps, and quite pleased with how well they could handle any temp position, especially thrilled with getting to make Christmas into Impmas by being Santa’s special helper elves on the big night.

Unfortunately that night went poorly, largely in part thanks to their imp magic being a bit more potent in a somewhat sexual sense. When Clyde and Seymour tried to get back into Santa’s good graces the following year by answering old forgotten letters to Santa, somehow they only drove the jolly old man even more crazy with anger at them.

So this year, Clyde and Seymour are trying something new, Clyde’s idea, to head to a local mall and meet with one of Santa’s many helpers who are in malls this time of year

As Clyde explains it to Seymour, they’re cloaked with magic, no mere human able to see them. So when they spot Santa’s helper, he should reasonably be the only one who can see them, no matter how crowded the human mall might be.

Unfortunately for Clyde’s logic, the particular mall they happen to be scoping out has a very familiar talkative doctor, a man who has his own sort of magic, and when he leaves a costume shop dressed as Santa, it’s a meeting no one ever expected.

Striking up a conversation, this talkative man learns of Clyde and Seymour’s history, of their ambition to make good and prove themselves once again to Santa, hoping the good doc will put in a positive word on their behalf.

So naturally our favorite talkative man has an idea, an interview of sorts just to see what sort of perverse powers these imps actually have.

Talking them into using the sexual slant of their own magic by granting Christmas wishes to more mature mall goers, Clyde and Seymour never even suspect that their new friend is just making up wishes made for random people passing by in the busy mall.

Whether it’s granting a supposed wish one man had to have a really really big hard cock, or granting another wish to teach a cell phone obsessed teen a truly twisted lesson, whether it’s talking the man’s wife into orally relieving her husband’s massive new cock, or watching as a playful girl giving bunny ears to her friends finds all new bunny obsessions ruling her trip to the mall, this is one magical meeting no one will forget.

It’s a Krismas miracle, a cross-over of two story universes, where the playfully wicked imp magic meets with the more subtle and subdued conversational influences in A Serious Konversation about Impmas.


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So brings to a close Krismas 2018… Many thanks to all Readers and best for the New Year!