May 29 2016

Get in on the Booby Trap before the next one is sprung!

The Booby Trapped Threesome By Kris P. Kreme

The Booby Trapped Threesome
By Kris P. Kreme

An instant new Kreme Klassic, three tales of titillating telephone calls called Booby Trapped now available as a single collection! Watch for the next work in the series, appearing June 2016: Booby Trapped BUSTing the Glass Ceiling


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Kollecting the entire Booby Trapped series so far in one massive bundle!

Booby Trapped
Zoe’s at the beach with her parents, enjoying time away from her studies in molecular physics at college, something that surprises most about the attractive young blonde. Everything about this vacation may take a turn for the twisted when Zoe gets a phone call walking on the beach one morning, a call that claims she has been Booby Trapped.

Booby Trapped: Teach or Be Taught
Brianne’s new stepson happens to be in the biology class she’s substituting for, though he seems to be more interested in studying her biology. Still, would Sam really disguise his voice to call and threaten her that her tits are going to grow should she refuse his tasks? Only one thing is sure. This is one lesson no one will forget.

Booby Trapped: Brenda’s Bowls are Full of Jelly
Brenda definitely isn’t crazy about the outfit her job as Santa’s assistant at the mall has her wearing. She’s even less crazy about the perverted older man playing Santa, Todd. Todd has been staring at her far too much, and in her mind he has been trying to cop feels of her too. She’s ready to complain to management… but a phone call might change everything.


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