May 25 2016

Chess is not a five letter word… with a T… Except in SINtendo

SINtendo Chess Burster by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Chess Burster by Kris P. Kreme

Dana only wanted to practice for an upcoming university chess tournament, but when her idiot stepbrother takes some of her chess pieces and the internet is down due to network error, will she find hope in one of his weird video games?

It certainly seems possible after she finds a game called SINtendo Chess Burster, but unfortunately the game box has a significant typo and Dana can’t stop the game once she starts.

The brainy coed will find herself the pawn in a truly warped game, discovering that many challenges are anything but intellectual.


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Dana hasn’t liked the living arrangements ever since her mom suggested them, rooming in an off campus apartment with her younger stepbrother. To put it simply, the two of them are polar opposites in every way possible.

Where Eric prefers partying, babes, and playing mind numbing video games, Dana always prefers more intellectual pursuits, only playing perhaps the most brilliant and challenging game around.

Of course when Dana plans to spend her day practicing for the upcoming university chess tournament, leave it to her always bratty stepbrother to have sabotaged her plans. He’s always hiding some of her chess pieces, most of the time just to annoy her and always in places she never enjoys finding them, but with Eric out for the day, how is Dana going to practice sharpening her skills of strategy in a mind fueling game of chess?

After an inconvenient network error leaves all thoughts of finding online chess tournaments to practice on off the table, Dana is practically ready to give up her pursuits and seriously considering hiding Eric’s precious and perverse video games out in the dumpster.

Browsing through the many bizarre titles though, Dana sees a light to the dark shadow of annoyance he is constantly casting over her. The game is called Chess Burster, and according to the back of the box the goal is simply to beat the challenges or face the consequences.

As far as Dana is concerned a chess game is a chess game, no matter the challenges, and she’s willing to give it a shot since the only other option remains waiting for Eric to return and demanding he give her chess pieces back.

Firing up his weird game system, Dana isn’t at all prepared for the title screen that comes up, SINtendo Chest Burster. Apparently it seems that there was an unfortunate typo on the game box, and this is simply another perverted game which offers challenges a player must complete within five minutes or else their chest will expand. Should they fail too many challenges their chest will burst and Dana definitely isn’t up for playing juvenile little depraved games like this.

Ready to give it up, frustrated by the false hope for intellectual pursuits, Dana barely misses the game system warning her that player initialization is occurring, burned by the controller heating rapidly in her hands.

When no burns are found Dana is in for quite the shocking game play as she has just entered a game of SINtendo Chess Burster and there is no way to back out other than to play the game and win.

How many challenges will Dana be able to bring herself to complete? What all debauchery will those challenges entail? Just how many times will she face the penalty of a suddenly red hot burning and swelling chest? And will she ever be the same intelligent coed again?

Find out in this month’s SINtendo Selects Game of the Month, out now for players eighteen and up.


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