Is there a way out of a Booby Trap?

Booby Trapped: Breaking Free? by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Breaking Free? by Kris P. Kreme

Is it possible to reverse a Booby Trap? Chloe and Zoe may be the first, assuming they figure out why a year after cheerleader Chloe’s Booby Trapping each has random moments of clarity.

During intense orgasms at the seedy strip club they work at, each remembers everything. They remember who they were, all they used to know, and worse just what they became… but the moments are fleeting.

Chloe determines that orgasms are the key, intense mind shattering climaxes somehow shaking them back into who they were.

But can they have enough orgasms to reverse what was done to them, to finally break free? Or is escape simply an illusion and orgasms have nothing to do with it?


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Over 15,000 Words of Kreme!

Years ago Zoe was the very first victim of a crime like no other, getting a terrifying phone call from an obviously distorted voice informing her she had been Booby Trapped. Tasked with three challenges, she had to fulfill unspeakable instructions or face massive and spontaneous breast growth. Like so many after her, Zoe failed and in the end became a reprogrammed girl, no longer smart, no longer normal, just a bimbo with huge tits.

Some years later, Zoe was used again, used in the Booby Trapping of another promising young girl, Chloe, a brilliant athletic girl who showed instant success on her new college’s cheerleading squad. But Zoe tried to warn her, in her own simple way, sadly nothing preventing yet another attack, this one leaving Chloe reprogrammed as a slut with no limits and even bigger tits than Zoe.

A year has passed since Chloe’s story ended, but is her story really over? Having moved on with college out of the question, Chloe and her new roommate and coworker Zoe live a much different life than they ever expected to live, back when they still had expectations and ambitions. Stripping and dancing at Club See-D’s, so named because the least you’ll see are a nice pair of D’s, the girls are quite happy to service the men in their own special ways.

Literally a seedy downtown strip club, Club See-D’s, managed by Larry with the ever faithful bouncer Tyrese on watch by the door, is a club with no limits. Where other respectable businesses frown on actually touching the dancers, certainly on any kind of sex, Larry is perfectly content letting his top two acts do whatever they like with anyone, as long as the house gets paid up front.

And so simple bimbo Zoe eagerly titty fucks the poles like only a Booby Trapped girl could, the smarter and sluttier Chloe handling business in private rooms with her favorite regulars frequently screwing her senseless. And while amazingly neither has gotten pregnant yet, Chloe quickly found a group of working class slobs who love being teased with putting a bun in her slutty little oven, every tease making plenty of bucks for her and Zoe as well as Larry who has big ambitions for selling this junk pile of a club and buying a much better location.

It’s for that reason that the club is truly seedy, barely functioning lighting getting worse each day, flickering giving headaches and keeping Tyrese busy on the side as a maintenance man to just keep those lights actually on.

All might be going according to the fate Zoe and Chloe suffered, their lives forever taken away, intelligence replaced with simple pleasures, promising athleticism replaced with whoring backrooms for dollars. And then something remarkably strange happens.

During a dance up on the pole, Chloe is witness to a momentary flash of the old Zoe, a normal girl confused by what she is doing, by where she is. Shortly after during a rather orgasmic climax in the private back rooms, Chloe herself suddenly feels clarity. She remembers herself, the Chloe she was, the innocent girl who always had a smile and made her parents proud.

The clarity is fleeting, and since Zoe is too dumb in her Booby Trapped state to figure out what might be happening, it’s all on Chloe’s shoulders. Fortunately in the past year she has gotten quite used to carrying a hefty weight on those shoulders.

After happening several times at the club, Chloe is positive that orgasms seem to be the key, that moment of rapture doing something to their brain, somehow reversing what was done to them. She even notices a slight shrinkage of their enormous tits, so could it be possible that there exists a way to spring open the Booby Trap, even this long after it’s been shut? Could the two of them purposely experience enough mind blowing orgasms to literally blow their minds back into proper place?

Breaking free never seemed an option, in any of the Booby Trappings, but maybe just maybe Chloe can save them both from fates they never would have chosen. Only she knows it’s going to take the most intense pleasure ever, orgasms so severe that the moments of clarity remain forever.

Can Chloe and Zoe reverse what was done to them long ago, or will the extremes they go to for such pleasure and mind numbing climaxes prove a worse fate than simply remaining as they are? Just what is causing the flashbacks to who they once were, and will the ends justify the means to get to the truth?

This time there is no Trapper, no voice on the phone, only the Trapped and the brief glimpses of their own once innocent voices. Will they escape or will they simply dig themselves deeper into the Booby Traps?


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