Mar 30 2019

Spring cleaning includes the Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #35 - Autocorrected and Bending the Rules by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #35 – Autocorrected and Bending the Rules by Kris P. Kreme

Spring time brings all new opportunities to bust out of your comfort zone, like Meredith who stops being shy and enjoys her own busty busting out after being Autocorrected. So for Spring Break this year, enjoy a little heat, enjoy a little extra-curricular activities, but before you break you might just have to work on Bending the Rules, with an all new Grab Bag.

This Grab Bag includes:

Autocorrected: It’s enough that Meredith’s oldest friend is pushing her to flaunt her busty body now that they are away at college. She’s also dealing with a major headache in the form of her new cell phone’s autocorrect feature acting very odd lately. No matter what she types, the autocorrect makes last second changes that remarkably start to make more and more sense, yet only in a crude often depraved way.

Bending the Rules: Everyone knows there are rules to hypnosis, impossible to break, set in the stone of one’s mind. No one will do under hypnosis what they would not do otherwise… but what if you could bend those rules, bend them just enough to get exactly what you wanted? But when Annabeth becomes a volunteer, her own mind may end up broken as all the rules are bent and she becomes a more entertaining girl.


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