Apr 02 2019

It’s impossible to lose the remote

Remote Chances, Endless Glances by Kris P. Kreme

Remote Chances, Endless Glances by Kris P. Kreme

After Luke Berry was struck by lightning through a hotel TV showing porn, his life forever changed. Not only did he wake from unconsciousness with a massive perfect cock, but any woman who laid eyes on it instantly changed into porn versions of themselves.

Whether physically or mentally, oftentimes both, girls changed right in front of Luke, and his struggle to avoid giving into the lust proved futile.

Now with endless glances available, there’s a remote chance he will ever stop stealing the latest hot little coed girlfriend of his son Josh… month after month after month.


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Over 16,000 Words of Kreme!

The unexpected sequel to A Remote Chance in Hell!

Luke Berry wasn’t always a girlfriend stealing hunk of a guy with the moves of a porn star. Not all that long ago he was a dedicated salesman for a discount electronics chain, always doing right by everyone, especially his college son Josh. But all that was before the accident.

Meeting an odd man with a fancy prototype remote control, a series of hilariously unfortunate events left his hotel room television stuck on porn during a lightning storm in Hell, Michigan and as they say a truly remote chance in Hell happened. Struck by lightning through the television, the charge fortunately absorbed mostly by that remote in his pocket, Luke gained abilities he would quickly begin to fight against.

Any woman, or any girl of age to be in porn, instantly changed when they saw his cock. And what a cock it had become, massive, freakishly hard all the time, with the kind of impossible stamina and staying power only acquired on the screen in porn after likely many cuts and edits. Yet the only edits for Luke was that his pornified infection was spreading.

A glance, just a glance was all it would take, and Luke was slowly giving into offering those glances. His truly remote chance in Hell had concluded back home, giving into his new happy ending, his literal money shot of what every man dreamed of. And it had ended with Luke doing the unthinkable and stealing the once smart gorgeous busty blonde girlfriend of his own college son Josh.

Josh remained clueless as Luke screwed her in the hot tub, every glance at his cock altering the smart girl into the stereotype of what her body was meant for in porn. As a blonde, she became little more than a bimbo, a busty bimbo for having fun with and of little more substance.

Yet today, Luke Berry has continued his newfound power and truly wrong hobby. After discovering that selling his own little home movies online made him much more than working in electronics sales ever did, Luke spends most of his days living the good life, doing as he wants with who he wants, making them into whatever the great porn gods in the sky deem them to be after getting a look at his dick.

But more so, Luke’s son Josh has remained entirely clueless about why every girlfriend he seems to meet and really feel good about ultimately reveals themselves to be someone totally different. He never suspected his dad of actually banging Brooke’s brains out. Just like he never suspects there could be any danger in sending his new girl by his house to pick up a book for school.

When his slender Latina girlfriend Maria stops by, she meets more than her boyfriend’s dad… she meets his powerful cock, again and again. Once a slender dancer, now a slutty stripper, the porn transformations continue. A month later and Josh has a new girlfriend, a conservative Asian girl whose mother insists on meeting any boy’s father her girl might be interested in. Is there any chance the two won’t get a glance at just what made Luke the man he is today?

Month by month, new girlfriends, new temptations, new pornified lives rearranged, bodies changed, every glance a chance at something new, but will Josh ever realize what his dad is doing? Will Luke ever feel bad about literally fucking each and every girlfriend his son gets, forever changing them and the course of their lives?

Probably not… but there are Remote Chances, Endless Glances to see what happens when a college guy’s hell with relationships becomes heaven for his old man.


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