Apr 16 2019

No curve is the same after SINtendo does the grading

SINtendo Grading on the Home Curves by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Grading on the Home Curves by Kris P. Kreme

After he and several transfer athletes completed a cheat test to qualify for the team at a new school, Jon was rewarded with impossible genetic physical perfection.

Football is over and he still has school to finish, so Jon’s dealing not only with constantly having to release his pent up literal geysers of seed, but also fend off the pesky concerns of his new stepmom, Alison, and cram for tests as well.

Jon is wound tight when slutty teacher Haley steps back into his life. Offering a prep test to solve all problems, will Jon find his academic future grades on curves Alison never had before?

Find out as SINtendo reminds us that education is no game.


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Ever since the brief scare that things wouldn’t work out transferring in his senior year to a top championship football school, Jon’s life has been a true roller coaster of emotions. On the one hand thanks to the Grading on the Curves cheat test that every student’s favorite teacher, Haley, arranged for him and the others, Jon is now genetically perfect and enhanced in every physical way imaginable.

Gifted during the test with pretty much everything a young man could want, it might seem that the defensive player should be coasting post season into a very satisfying graduation. And yet Jon has all sorts of stress… and it all begins at home.

Ever since his dramatic change, perfection in physical form, Jon’s stepmother Alison has been on his case constantly. Having barely been a part of his life much less his home for over a year now, Alison easily worries far too much about stepping into the role of mom. She’s constantly suggesting that he went through concerning physical changes, that he might need to see a doctor or something, stressing the importance of his studies, generally being a nagging pain even if her intentions are good.

To top everything off, Jon never achieved any sort of perfect intelligence, only genetic enhancements physically that mean when he releases his own frustrations, the ceiling often needs cleaning. So studying is still on the agenda and generally he spends every free moment at school hitting the books in the library, trying to prep for tests, wanting to earn more than just the C all athletes are pretty much guaranteed.

It’s in the library after a particularly stressful morning at home that teacher Haley finds Jon, on her way to give his fellow players a new game to play where they all will try and knock her up for baby number two.

In her usual always helpful horny manner, Haley has dug a little deeper and knows exactly the source of Jon’s frustration, a five foot three redhead with sadly not so much in the sweater cushion department.

She also knows he has been cramming hard for the big world history test coming up on Monday. So Haley lets Jon know she has the single solution to both his problems, studying and dealing with Alison at home.

With his dad out of town, fortunately arranged because he happens to work for Haley’s husband, it will just be Jon and Alison this weekend, and at a time of his choosing, Jon will have access to a one time download prep test called Grading on the Home Curves.

All he will have to do is get just nine randomly chosen questions from the upcoming history test correct, and each one will reward him quite specifically to forever ensure that from this day on neither studying nor an overbearing stepmother will ever be a problem again.

It’s going to be an educational weekend for Jon and Alison, and as SINtendo likes to say with these sorts of things, education is no joke. But will Jon’s studying lately prove enough to get nine challenging history questions correct, and will Alison realize what is happening to her with each correct answer Jon gets?

Find out if petite redhead Alison can somehow handle the genetic perfection and seriously freakish talents she never knew her new stepson had, and at the same time, find out that studying hard is definitely no game… not when it’s thanks to Grading on the Home Curves.


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