The 600th book of Kreme arrives!

600 Hours of S.M.U.T. by Kris P. Kreme

600 Hours of S.M.U.T. by Kris P. Kreme

Get ready for the chaos to return, get ready for some serious S.M.U.T.

Kendra is a smart dedicated graduate student working on a news breaking final thesis paper that will shed light on the terrorist organization known simply as S.M.U.T.

But while hacking into their server collecting details of their organization, Kendra is caught, and the punishment may be more than any girl can handle, no matter how strong her mind may be.

She faces 600 Hours of S.M.U.T or 25 days of transformational changes, a new one each day, either to herself or those around her. Nearly every fetish and more depravity than she can imagine; Can she manage to survive it without losing herself?


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The 600th Book from the Kreme!

Over 17,000 Words of Kreme!


Kendra is nearing the completion to a graduate thesis paper which will not only make waves with her college professors, but one which will launch her into instant name recognition for taking on and bringing down a serious threat facing the world.

She’s a determined young woman, smart, and dedicated to a work ethic most graduate students would never consider, but for Kendra, she may just lose it all before she ever has a paper to turn in.

Having considered looking into such targets as Trance-tory, the retail giant whose products reportedly manipulate the consumers as much as they do, having even considered a less public but widely rumored adult gaming company called SINtendo, she ultimately chose to go after a truly bad group, a group no one could ever find sympathy with… an anarchist terrorist group which has on occasion over the past ten years brought new meaning to the term mind blowing terrorism.

Kendra has spent months compiling data on the secretive group known publicly as S.M.U.T.

Even their name holds a mystery, often standing for different things, always signifying their intentions, which is to bring down the virtuous and good in society by truly depraved and often public means.

Having found a backdoor into some truly revelatory information about the secretive dark organization, Kendra is so close to finishing her paper, watching files load page after page on her laptop. She’s copying them to her desktop as fast as she can, knowing she can’t stay on their server too long… but too long may already be past as when the final page of hacked information loads, the file is blank save for one single small paragraph, a paragraph written personally to her.

Enjoy your next 600 hours of S.M.U.T. Kendra, it reads… 25 days in case she was wondering. It’s a warning, a trap she triggered, and according to this final message, each and every day for 25 days Kendra will unknowingly be the cause of an all new depravity, either through twisted and corrupting changes she herself will experience, or others around her will suffer.

Before poor Kendra can even fully comprehend what has just happened, her laptop is fried, overheating, lost forever along with all her compiled data and the promise of a grad thesis paper to surpass all.

The only question is whether the threat posed in that final message was an idle threat intended to scare her or an actual warning of what will come.

When her boyfriend Luke stops by later that evening to check up on her, Kendra gets the answer she never wanted… Luke pointing out how fun she looks as a blonde.

She was always a brunette, but sure enough, her usually rather plain brown hair has turned golden blonde, and that is only day one of her 25 days, her 600 hours of S.M.U.T.

Each and every day Kendra will find herself waking up fearful, wondering what change will she undergo, what change will she unintentionally cause to those around her.

Whether it’s her tits swelling up bigger or a powerful need for pleasuring herself, Kendra will truly be pushed to her limits. Whether it’s uncontrollable arousal of everyone around her or the unintended transformation of women into milk spewing cows, men into horse cock beasts, Kendra will be tested like never before.

Can she survive 600 hours of S.M.U.T. and somehow maintain her morality? Can she survive all 25 days without giving into the depravity brought upon herself and others? Or will Kendra finish out those days and finish off herself in a horrifyingly hot and truly terrifyingly twisted way that forever brands her as merely another good girl gone very very bad?

This is it, readers, years in the making, featuring every possible titillating theme imaginable and more you never thought of. 600 Tales from the Kreme… 600 Hours of S.M.U.T. Can you handle the chaos better than Kendra can?


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