Readers get Trapped once more

Booby Trapped: Last Sister Standing by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Last Sister Standing by Kris P. Kreme

Connie and Kalah have always gotten along, but that’s probably not a surprise as fraternal twins. Yet they know the same can’t be said for their father and poor older brother Seth who constantly gets mistreated.

Unfortunately they may never get along again with each other after someone hacks Connie’s laptop informing the girls that both of them have been Booby Trapped and they must compete against each other in three different abusive tasks to see who the Last Sister Standing is.

Only one thing is certain, win or lose, Connie and Kalah will never be thought of as twins again, though they may have a much heavier pair of twins on each of their chests in the end.


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Life at home certainly hasn’t been easy for fraternal twins Connie and Kalah, but they know it has been a lot worse for their older brother Seth. Always the victim of angry words by their increasingly unhinged father, Seth is a creative type, not the jock their father would have preferred. On a day when Seth has just been putting up with more insults, more abuse, Connie and Kalah regret not standing up to their dad about his horrible actions, yet they may end up regretting what they end up doing a lot more.

Figuring that confrontation about their dad’s abuse of Seth would likely only worsen the abuse, Connie and Kalah try to focus on their own creative pursuits, the eighteen year old girls looking forward and not back, happy to soon be out of the house and away from the dad they have no respect for anymore.

But while comparing notes on a new web diary they have been working on for months, figuring out color choices, site layouts, something seriously unexpected and scary happens on Connie’s laptop.

The keys refuse to work, a distortion comes over the screen and a pixelated face of some unknown man appears informing the girls that they both have been Booby Trapped.

Unlike Connie, Kalah has never heard of being Booby Trapped, but Connie knows enough for both of them that this is no joking matter. Someone has targeted them, and neither girl can imagine why.

Instructed that this will be a competitive sort of Booby Trapping, the girls will be given three tasks. Whichever girl fails to fulfill the sick task will suffer immediate massive growth, specifically in their chest.

Kalah refuses to believe that anything like that is possible, but Connie knows how serious it is, so when the first task is given, to treat your sister’s tits like punching bags, Kalah is horrified as suddenly Connie begins slapping at her perky tits, being downright mean and painful against her own twin sister.

At the end of this task though when Kalah discovers the Booby Trap is very real, they no longer will even remotely look alike, not that they were ever identical to start with.

Will Kalah manage to fight, especially after losing round one? Who will be the Last Sister Standing, at least able to stand under the enormous bloated weight they struggle to carry? And just who could be behind Booby Trapping the poor girls, and what is his motivation? Could it actually be that their father has truly gone over the edge and is moving on from simply abusing their brother?

It’s anyone’s guess, and all bets are off for the most unexpected fight of their home, sister against sister, booby against booby, a whole new trap to somehow escape from, or suffer the consequences of forever.

Readers Choice Month leaves you with one last fight, one last explosively stitch ripping chest bursting battle among siblings. But don’t fight over it, there’s plenty of copies of this last book for everyone.


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And so Readers Choice 2019 comes to a close… But HallowKreme and more will soon be here!