The Seventh Day of Kris-mas is a Booby Trap

Booby Trapped Brenda's Bowls are Full of Jelly by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped Brenda’s Bowls are Full of Jelly by Kris P. Kreme

Brenda definitely isn’t crazy about the outfit her job as Santa’s assistant at the mall has her wearing. She’s even less crazy about the perverted older man playing Santa, Todd.

Todd has been staring at her far too much, and in her mind he has been trying to cop feels of her too. She’s ready to complain to management… but a phone call might change everything.

Informed by a disguised voice that she has been Booby Trapped, Brenda discovers that sometimes the biggest gifts of the season unwrap themselves.


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Brenda is young and has it all this Christmas season, at least everything but the Christmas spirit. She absolutely can’t stand the job she has much less the outfits she has to wear for that job, working as the sexy Santa assistant to a man she just knows has been perving on her the past several weeks.

Todd has been known as Santa Todd the past ten years at the mall and every year he has two helpers. This year those helpers are Brenda, the spunky young brunette, and Eric, another around Brenda’s age who unfortunately has to wear the elf costume.

As the days grow closer to Christmas, the kids and the parents and the mall in general are more and more chaotic, further stressing young Brenda who is absolutely positive Santa Todd has been eyeballing her, trying to cop subtle feels of her when she is nearby, being in her opinion a total and complete creep.

She’s to the point that now a complaint to mall management is just one short break away and when that break comes, she assures Eric that ten year history with the mall or not, Todd is going to have a major complaint filed. It’s creepy enough that with her age, she was probably once in this very mall when Santa Todd was playing the role, but the fact she’s being stared at all day by plenty of men isn’t helping any.

When the five minute break she has been angrily waiting on finally comes, Brenda is off, stomping to make her complaint. Only a sudden ringing from her cell phone pauses her plans but when the mysteriously disguised voice on the other end informs young Brenda that she has been Booby Trapped, she might just find herself filling with much more than the holiday spirit she has sorely been lacking in lately.

Playfully rhyming a Christmas poem into perverse lyrics special just for Brenda, she is all but positive Santa Todd is behind this little harassment call and she isn’t about to give in to his apparent three tasks required to prevent her boobs growing massively huge.

Naturally when her refusal of the first task results in explosive growth she never believed possible, Brenda is defeated enough in spirit to listen to what the creep has to demand of her next.

But just who is behind this elaborate Booby Trapping? Is Santa Todd really the perverted lech of an older man she assumes him to be? Find out in the present you don’t need to wait to unwrap, just let it burst free on its own.

On the seventh day of Kris-mas, you’ll truly love Brenda’s Bowls Full of Jelly.


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